Before I even get into this, I would like to say that I am an Atheist and I do not beleive that a man named Jesus Christ even existed, let alone that we should be following the teachings of a man who lived over 2000 years before us.

Every two days or so I see a meme or post come across my newsfeed about how this country is a Christian nation founded on Christian beliefs. This is usually in reference to how the gay community is ruining our nation or has some hidden agenda to turn all of America gay (LOL), but sometimes it is refering to my atheism and how I should either believe in the Christian god and way of life or simply leave the country (and go....where?). Either way, there are some huge holes in their logic when refering to this country as "Christian"... Yeah, I have a few problems with that assertation:

1) If this is a "Christian Nation", then why do we have such a problem with even the suggestion of a public healthcare system that would benefit every man, woman and child, regardless or their socio-econimic status? Didn't Jesus heal the sick for free? What would he think of a nation who holds basic health care up as a privelege only for those who can afford it? Or, worse, these insurance companies who make money based on the possibility of poeople getting sick or injured. WTF?

2) Why do people who call themselves Christian and who have more than enough money to live comfortably, buy themselves whatever they want, take vacations, etc, etc, have such a problem with public welfare systems? I mean, I wish I had a dollar for every person who has complained to me that a portion of their tax money has to go to "deadbeats" who don't want to work, who just sit home and collect their public welfare money. Ok, well, Jesus said over and over again to take care of the poor. He said if you were a weathy person that you should be out giving money to the poor and assisting the poor. He made no bones about this. How can you call yourself a Christian and then be so selfish with your money and your posessions? I mean, for just one example, we have THOUSANDS of homeless people in our country. Some of them were just like you and I until they lost their job, then their car, then their house. Additionally, we have THOUSANDS of empty houses just sitting there with no one living in them. We could house the poor/homeless in our country like 2-3 times over, but refuse to help the situation in any way. Why? Because they can't afford it? Oh, ok, so money is now more important than people? What would your Jesus think of that? We would rather see thousands of people go without basic shelter because they can't pay - because evidentally it's more important that the banks get their money- then bend a little to help our fellow humans. Sad. And don't even mention to me that it's not fair. That you have to pay for your house so every one else should have to as well. That just goes right back to what Jesus said about selling your posessions to help the poor. Go buy a poor/homeless person a house or stop calling yourself a Christian. Unless, of course, you are a poor/homeless Christian. In that case, I don't know what to tell you because the rest of your kind are such ass holes. Perhapse you should consider converting. (LOL) For the record, I am too poor myself to buy a house for anyone but myslef, but if anyone out there is in need of a home they are welcome to sleep at my house for a while.

3) Jesus was supposedly a brown-skinned, foreign born man. What is the general public opinion in this country of people fitting this description? Is it good? NO!!! We generally look at this type of person as either a threat or in some way inferior to us. How can you call yourself a Christian when you have absolutely no respect or love for the people from wence Jesus came? Jesus was not a light-skinned, blue eyed person, no matter what the picture on your grandmother's living room wall may try to tell you.

4) While it may have been Christians and Deists that founded our country, they already had such a skewed vision of what Christianity was supposed to be that they could hardly call it Christianity any more. Unfortunatley, they gave us these dilusions and we bought it. Now we think that it's "the right way". GAK!

Religious Americans like to call themselves Christian, but when it comes right down to actually acting Christ-like, they balk at every chance they get. They think that all they need to do is "accept Jesus Christ in to their hearts as their personal savior" and they will be "saved". If you are expecting someone to save you from the fiery depths of hell, shouldn't you also expect to have to follow their teachings (in life) in order to hold up your end of the bargain? Modern Christianity seems way to convenient to me. You can treat people any way you want to, say or do anything you want to, and in the end all you have to do is accept Jesus and you are redeemed? No, I'm sorry, Christianity is simply a tool that some people use as an excuse to justify otherwise unjustifiable behavior. And this is a Christian nation?


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Comment by Tom Holm on May 12, 2012 at 3:59pm

these type christians are exactly what our founding fathers were escaping their former country from. freedom from religion. yet they go on and on spreading lies about how this country was found by god or some shit like that. and i always bring the point about homeless people and all those millions of poor children in africa being mistreated but they snake their way around those facts with weak bible verses and excuses. its sickening  idk im just rambling right now but these people are retarded and misinformed they really should retake 5th grade history

Comment by Amy L. Cook on May 16, 2012 at 3:45pm

LOL.... yeah, it pays to pay attention in history class!


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