The signs are everywhere: Christ is alive! One of the churches in town has a sign that says: The living God is God of all the living. Alive? Living? I thought God was a supernatural being who exists outside of space and time. So, what's with this living angle? Do they breathe, eat and excrete? In what sense are they alive? What does this mean? Is it strictly metaphorical? Now, the Pharaohs were living Gods, and the ruler of North Korea is a living God, but to whom are the signs referring?

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Comment by caleb daniel on April 15, 2010 at 3:01am
The thought process that it takes to remain open to religious teachings also allow them to manipulate the "facts". So, long as there is an attempt to uphold the teachings anything can be considered true. They can say things like "Christ is Alive" or "My god isn't like THAT", even if it is in complete contrast to biblical teachings. It can be daunting to step into the mind of a believer. Since god is all powerful and because they "can't know the mind of god" or "god is all powerful" they are free to manipulate even the tenants of the faith itself to sustain it's viability. It's like a virus or a slippery bar of soap. Once you have a grip on it: "god can do anything" and your whole argument is out the window. So, you will be hard pressed to see any consistency in the christian beliefs outside of jesus died for me.


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