The Tower Of Babel

The rules are simple. Choose the answer you'd give and go to the corresponding number to make your way through the debate. The topic of this one is the Tower of Babel.
   According to Genesis 11:1-9, all humans had one language, and they were building a tower to reach heaven. God wasn't happy with this, so he came down, made them speak different languages and off they scattered, about 4000 years ago.


Do you think this is how the splitting of languages happened?
Yes... Go to 16.
No... Go to


Due to overpopulation, humans would have been forced to discover new
lands, and settle there. Agree?
Yes... Go to 28.
No... Go to


So it was 'where are you', then 'wherefore art thou', then it went back
to 'where are you' again? Without the languages changing?
Yes... Go to 22.
No. Well okay the language changed. I admit it... Go to



This might be writing that can't look at what you're showing, but I know
this is a lie because the phrase is more recent than that. Does God
like liars?
Confess your sin, then go back to 19.



Hmm. So in every group, the changes to the language will be identical?
No... Go to 11.
Yes... Go to



Sigh... Okay, start with a 1% difference. Add more differences. It'll go up
to 2%, then 3%, and so on. Make sense now?
Yes... Go to 18.
No... Go to



Look at recent differences between America and the UK. In America, words
are spelled 'honor', 'flavor' and 'behavior'. How are they spelled in the UK?
Honour, flavour, behaviour... Go to 9.
Exactly the same... Go to


Phew! Okay, this debate isn't for you then.
Feel free to try it out
on any friends or family members who do believe it.



Oh, so you don't believe in the Biblical god anyway. He said he was the only one.
Go to 32.


So we're agreed. Different groups of humans come up with different
changes to the language, which means at first there may be something
like a 1% difference. With new, different changes happening over
time, that percentage is going to increase. Make sense?
Yes... Go to 18.
No... Go to


Wow. Your reasoning skills are too incomprehensible for me to discuss this
further with you. I'll leave you with these parting words in a
language I made up, which you'll think God made up, right? FCUKGIN IDOTI.


Then languages are going to split!
Go to 9.


Do you think languages can change naturally, with no interference from a deity?
Yes... Go to 1.
No... Go to


Nope. Go check yourself. There are a lot of differences.
Once you've done that, go to 9.
If you still don't agree,
do more research.


Do you believe Poseidon made the first tsunami, even though they would
have happened naturally anyway?
Yes... Go to 8.
No... Go to


Do you believe Thor threw his hammer to create the first lightning bolt,
even though it would have happened naturally anyway?
Yes... Go to 8.
No... Go to


Really? You really believe that literally happened?
Yes... Go to 12.
No, I was just kidding... Go to



Hmm. Looks like the language at that time doesn't have 'where are you'.
Anywhere. Just 'wherefore art thou'. Did God make 'where are you',
everyone forgot, then everyone remembered again, generations later,
with no one ever using that phrase in between?
Yes... Go to 22.
No... Go to


What have we worked out so far then? Languages change naturally. There are
different changes in different places. The changes add up to create
languages that are different to each other. Wahey!
You've convinced me. Thanks, I learned something today! What was I doing
thinking God had a hand in it?
Ah! But maybe God started it off... Go to 15.


Okay, did God create 'wherefore art thou', the kind of thing Shakespeare
would say, or 'where are you'?
'Wherefore art thou' or some earlier version of it... Go to 25.
Where are you... Go to
Both... Go to


Any text you can point to from the 17th century or earlier
that says 'where are you', not 'wherefore art thou'?
Yes, this..!... Go to 3.
No... A shame.... Go to


Even if they'd built a hundred heaven reaching towers to hold more people,
there still wouldn't have been enough animals or vegetation to feed
everyone, would there?
You're right, they would have had to
spread out... Go to
Yeah, there would have been enough resources for a billion people in one small patch of
land... Go to


You're beyond help. Your stubborn attitude has forced you to believe
something so unreasonable, a debate using reason obviously won't be
any good for you. Why not just have faith languages change? Faith is
a virtue, isn't it?
Yes, okay... Go to 1.
Nah, I'll keep my head buried in the sand... Go
anywhere, I don't care.


So God changes languages? If colour becomes color, or 'God be with ye'
becomes 'goodbye', God has made those changes? He invented swear
words, and changed the meaning of gay from happy to homosexual, did
he? He invents fake languages for television shows and movies like
Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, does he? When the British say
pavement and Americans say sidewalk, that was God's decision, was it?
'Hmm,' thought God one day. 'Looking at my Bible, I quite like
this King James version I invented but I fancy a change now.'
Well, no. And it might be stopping our free will if humans can never make
the changes they want to, come to think of it. I'll go back to
Yes... Go to


Even without God scattering them, that would have been the inevitable outcome from not having enough resources in one area for all the people, right?
Yeah, okay... Go to 28.
No... Go to


And we now say 'where are you' because..?
God changed it... Go to 23.
Um... um... um... Okay, come back when you can think clearly. Or go back to



Then you suck at math. Go back to school.



Haha! Okay, can you explain the differences between American and British
English, please?
Oh yeah, I forgot about them... Go to 9.
What differences?... Go to



With groups of humans split up geographically, and the language in each
group changing naturally over time, what's going to happen to the languages?
The languages are going to split. Go to 9.
Each group of humans will keep the same language... Go to



Now you're just being silly. Humans would have been forced to spread out
without a god getting involved.
Go to 28.



No, that's right. You'd have to be really stubborn to think that. It's
okay, you made a mistake. We all do.
Go back to 19.



Really? You think in one country someone might think 'You know what, I find
(for example) 'extrady' rolls off the tongue better than
'extraordinary'. I'll start saying that instead.' and in another
country, at the same time of course, someone else thinks 'I'm fed up
of saying 'extraordinary'. I'll say 'extrady' for a change.'?!
Yes, for every natural change to the language ever, every group comes up
with the same change at the same time... Go to
Um. No, I suppose the changes would be different... Go to



It's possible, just like it's possible a god split the first language. But
it was always going to happen anyway with what we know about how
languages change. It's not a process that needs to be explained by
the supernatural, so inserting a god only makes things more
complicated than they need to be. Lightning, tsunamis and language
differences can be explained naturally. No need for a god to
explain this event.


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