Kidnapped victim found alive after many years! the headlines read and there is something about these stories that make everyone stop and take notice. Recently, Jaycee Dugard was found alive in California, the victim of a kidnapping in 1991 when she was 11 years old. This story will receive a massive amount of media attention over the next few weeks in the same manner as when Shawn Hornbeck was found living with his abductor and when Elizabeth Smart was found living with her abductors.

Unfortunately, kidnappings are not all that rare but recovery of a living person after long periods is quite rare which is one reason these stories become so attractive to media outlets and viewers. Perhaps another is the strange stories and horrible experiences that the abductees endure while imprisoned by their captors. From sexual and physical abuse to Stockholm Syndrome, these stories are a fascinating look into the bizarre and disturbing psyche of the human mind. With the latest case, the abductor of Jaycee Dugan is a religious nutball who kept a blog. You can simply peruse Phillip Garrido's blog to see that this man has issues. He can control sound with his mind!


Impressive. He even had people working at their places of business sign documents attesting to this wonderful power. I can only imagine their uneasiness as this strange man entered their shop, blabbering about God and controlling sound with his mind, that they would be all too eager to sign almost anything to expedite his exit. Sadly, their business cards he plastered up on his blog and they are probably not thrilled to be associated with this kidnapping rapist.

But was it as simple as kidnapping and rape? There may be a softer side to this story.

In an interview from jail with KCRA, Garrido repeatedly asks the interviewer to retrieve legal documents he said he recently gave to the FBI, specifically for the news media, that he said will reveal "the most powerful, heartwarming story."

It must be a love story! The classic "husband and wife kidnaps 11 year old and during years of rape and imprisonment, a transcendent love blossoms" story. We've all heard that one a million times.

But more to the point of this post and that PZ hits upon over at Pharyngula, is that this man's craziness is cloaked by his religion. The oddities remain odd, he would probably make most churchgoers uncomfortable, yet his crazed beliefs fall well within the parameters of religion. The moderate religious folk will disown him but they should not be allowed to disown their culpability in encouraging the type of behavior that allows for an atmosphere for people with mental illnesses to hide and operate. We can't make a case that he would not have kidnapped anyone if he were not religious, but we can argue that without religion, he may have gotten some type of help or extra scrutiny before it came to this.

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