chained chained women in the “land of the free”

can you feel the jealousy emanating from the other first world countries

whose women watch the US government insist upon

no universal healthcare,

making its own citizens eternal slaves to HMO’s & big pharma


if that wasn’t bad enough,
they watch the religious tyrants beating their “holy books,”


to feel as if it is ok to

deprive citizens of contraceptive coverage in the

health care packages being provided by employers across the country?



this writer has a hard time doing so…for the record.


how long will this so-called “democracy” make the women within its borders


how long will the crazy crazy christians insist on

trying to keep women in a little cage where they cannot determine what happens to their own bodies?


as long as women are not allowed to gain access to contraception freely & easily,

they have to walk through a gauntlet of unnecessary bullshit

every time life decides to impede their progress by

throwing an unwanted pregnancy in the way of the struggle to get to where they want to be---

if they cannot climb the ladder,

they cannot achieve the financial status that would allow them to raise these kids in the

first place---


who pretend to have religious affiliations so that they can get more sheep to

baaaaaaaaaaaa to the sound of their specific drum come november,

need to understand that there are more women in this country than men


this country is already overpopulated as it is----

why not better the lives of the women who are already here,

alive & trying?



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