Cell De Resistance: Let's Go Back Into The Cave

Plato once taught me, that we should find our way out of 'the Cave' of ignorance and to enjoy the real side of enlightenment. But now that we are out/closeted, what do we do now? I always like to cite the pew study that found that atheists, on average, knew more about world religions, and knew more about any particular religion than the practicing members within that particular religion. Well I was also taught by one of my favorite philosophy professors, that the Plato's cave does not have an ending. Infact, this metaphor got brought up one day while he and I went to the local microbrew pub. He mentioned that the people who decide to leave 'The Cave', some end up going back in and returning to their original state of ignorance, some just leave and never look back. Then there are a few that band together to go back in, and sabotage the system (metaphorically of course) and create a resistance movement, to help others escape and become better educated/enlightened. Funny how religion wants to get a stranglehold on education...coincidence? 


I have also noticed that most religious people don't really know the Bible, the church history, or even the inter-denominational clashes with ideology to well, and they gloss over and filter anything that resembles a fair criticism of their religion, thus reinforcing the group-think structure.


So, why not become Sunday school teachers at local churches and start an intensive/comprehensive bible study class that does not take all the highlighted positive stuff and just teach everything in order? The goal being to not water down the Christian religion, and teach the Christian Bible thoroughly to the point people start learning it's true form, analyze other religions, and eventually get people to criticize not only other religions for various reasons, but to reflect on their own religious beliefs. The added bonus is the development of the ability to cite scripture off the cuff, which may be useful in debates/discussions. It may not create atheists, but atleast it will make the people a little more doubtful and critical of faulty beliefs.


Has anyone attempted to be this type of saboteur? And what are your thoughts on creating miniature cells of resistance within church groups/religious orgs? What are some ways to engage people while not coming off to intellectual/'ivory tower'? Also, can you list the various ways this could back fire? I am rather curious as to whether or not this could work, and if it does...How far deep do you think someone has to go undercover to pull this off?

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Comment by Graham on May 11, 2011 at 3:54am

Is it possible to teach the bible that way without being at least seen as a fundamentalist Christian? Or even just a mentalist Christian? Or an evangelist? They're quite fond of stridently spouting the hellfire and damnation stuff...

I doubt that you could infiltrate or undermine them that way. They'd either switch off, stop attending or have you burned at the stake as a heretic.

Comment by Jake W. Andrews on December 22, 2011 at 6:20pm
This task is harder than exoected. I have decided to go to a congregationalist church that my, christian, girlfriend plays the piano and organ for. So far going the one-two times a month schedule is very dull, and the pastor uses phrases like, "scientifuc evidence and proof" the same way a person, who is scared of reality, would use...this is expected behavior....he even managed to mischaracterize the recent intelligence squared debate regarding 'is religion hurting society' presenters gave their arguments.

So as a furst report, i think this act is seemigly childish. I have no interest in the cave, but i realize there is no way out of the cave once you have stopped believing the misinformation.


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