On the 21st, the world will end. Jesus is to return, raise up his followers and slaughter those that willfully ignore him. Many Christians the world over celebrate this idea. The idea that a third of the world will be burnt. A third of the sun will be destroyed. A third of the humans will be killed. A mountain will be tossed into the sea. I'm not sure that I understand the reason for the celebration. I'm not sure that I see it as a human or as a humane desire. Let me stop lying, it's not a human or humane desire. It's the desire of despots, but world wide, it's a well embraced idea. 

If Christians are to die without Jesus returning, they go to sleep and simply wait for his return. Fair enough if that is your world view. But how do you square up love and hope in the idea that Jesus is to return, presumably on the 21st, (waiting for that first seal to be broken) just to murder a minimum of 2 billion people? Think of how you see Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot then think of 2 billion people being killed for your benefit. Why does Jesus get a pass for an act 58 times worse than the three of them combined? I'm not sure how one gets bamboozled into this being a good thing, especially when the crime is thinking differently. In order for you to get your wish, you must be 58 times worse than all three of them, yet they are in Hell and you will go to Heaven? 

If you don't believe that Jesus is to return on the 21st, you are normal. However, simply wanting him to ever return, you should still seek to understand the morality of this line of thought. Why is it good to end the world as we know it? What good would come from destroying a third of the Sun? Let's be honest, these are the ravings of a impotent loon not unlike what you have seen in life. Think Kim Jong Il. I've personally ran into a few of them in real life too. At some point, most of us grow out of these fears. It would be immoral to be on the winning side if the result is the murder of 2 billion people for no reason other than their thoughts. I'll choose to allow people to think how they will and not hope that they die for thinking differently. But what do I know, babies are for breakfast in my household.  


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Comment by Schroeder Alice Veidt on May 15, 2011 at 5:19am

I keep forgetting that the Apocalypse is this Saturday. Better call off work. 


NOTE TO EVERYONE: The End of the World celebration/kegger/drunken orgy will be at my house this Friday. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drugs, though enough will be provided for everyone.

Comment by Jason on May 15, 2011 at 6:21am
May 21st the rapture comes? ……… Ok. I’ll make sure to have on my clean underwear.
Comment by Andrew Bergstrom on May 15, 2011 at 7:50am
I know where I'll be, I'm going to a Bar-B-Que! No really, I've already started joking with folks about this silly event. A local billboard disappeared when I wasn't looking that advertised this date, probably due to the volumes of complaints. There's really nothing to do but fight this nonsense with laughter! If or when this actually occurs, wouldn't it be prudent to make everyone sterile for at least 30 or more years prior to their "Blessed" event..? If such actually occurs, I thought we'd have at least 6 months before the true end actually comes with the chosen few rising up on the 21st? Hopefully I can score a new vehicle from one of the risen if it does happen!
Comment by anti_supernaturalist on May 15, 2011 at 1:23pm
<b>Honest predictions not rapturous lies</b>

<i>• Science makes falsifiable predictions.</i>

On the Net today appear the precise time, precise duration, exact places on the Earth from which the next 50 years of total solar eclipses will be visible. These formerly terrifying events -- a monster eating the sun -- were tamed by accurate astronomical theory. Now, total solar eclipses have become a tourist attraction.

Current geology, however, cannot predict precisely when a still terrifying event, a killer quake, will hit LA. It can offer no better than a probable, but meaningful prediction -- there is a better than 90% chance that an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or greater will strike LA within the next 30 years.

Being a meaningful empirical prediction, the statement  provides -- <b>in advance</b> -- its own parameters for failure. It specifies a time limit, it specifies the minimum severity expected, and it provides an estimated probability for the event.

Nevertheless, we know that a killer quake <b>must happen eventually</b> since LA floats atop a boundary between two tectonic plates grinding past one another. (That is -- an LA earthquake will happen perforce as a physical consequence according to the well-attested ‘theory’ of plate tectonics.)

<i>• Religion makes baseless prophecies.</i>

Contrast an empty gesture of xian fiction -- its most ballyhooed, long anticipated “fulfillment” of scripture. Jesus in his featured role as Christ-Cosmic-Avenger® will return to Earth, raise the dead, judge all humanity past and present, and send each person to her or his ultimate, eternal state of being.

Ask fundies; they’ll tell you that this prophecy is 100% certain. “The Apocalypse” must happen; it is a core dogma of fundie bibliolatry. (Moreover, ancient credal statements still mouthed by xians of all stripes every day, reaffirm the centrality of revenge as xian motivation.) Millions of otherwise outwardly sane people in the US believe this dishonest, harmful nonsense quite literally.

On what non-scriptural basis can their claim be justified? Not even an alleged “holy” text can justify its own statements.

<i>• Prophesying is lying</i>

Prophecy never predicts anything because <i>prophecies lack falsifying conditions.</i> Under what conditions -- specifiable in advance -- would a fundie say that a xian prophecy had failed?

“The Apocalypse” just never shows up. Attempts to fix a date for xian/jewish/zoroastrian apocolypses have proved wrong for the last 3,200 years. (See Norman Cohn. Cosmos, chaos, and the world to come. Yale.)

When is enough is enough? Never. The revelation of saint John the divine resonates as one core Big Lie of xian faith-based irrationality.

Just remember, though, that the “End Times” are always upon us because “signs” like earthquakes and total solar eclipses demonstrate the willed and willful “acts of God” in nature.

Is the “Rapture” about to rid Earth of all fundies? Really? As they levitate away, can they take their damned bibles with them?

<i>There are altogether no supernatural phenomena, only supernatural interpretations of phenomena.</i>

the anti_supernaturalist
Comment by David Boardwyne on May 15, 2011 at 6:17pm
Damn, I've got a house to finish painting.  The rapture better not mess with my money.
Comment by Allelyah on May 15, 2011 at 7:40pm



I received a communication from you and I am interested in how you are using yourself understanding and providing communication seen and unseen to others relative to you attention span. Life is in constant communication, the integrating kind when information in the environment is not united with how you participate in the aquisition of knowledge and experiences that are preferred. It is interesting to understand and there is an area that is not about integrations and is about unity. Unity, attached to what always happens, with everyone and everything that continues to understand something can be understood correctly. I love you very much is able to be said by me to you and to the life using itself understanding to you attached to information not understood, related together across interests. 


We can communicate if you are supported to have an interest and that depends on where you use yourself according to interests/preoccupations and what your orgnaim is being caused to provide to other life toward breakdowns (pressure so they do something else, in some way toward what they will always do eventually, somewhere) if you/they are doing something not loved.


You can do something you can do again and again within a continuous experience.


Comment by M on May 15, 2011 at 9:40pm
So excited for the Rapture!  I'm going to ask everyone "left behind" (ie, everyone) what their big sin was.
Comment by Karen Azimianaraki on May 15, 2011 at 10:12pm
I always have chicken wings that is my thing..just love them. I have my kids coming they are all free thinking young adults. Oh yeh some really good beer! All you guys have a great ending!
Comment by Morgan Matthew on May 15, 2011 at 10:26pm
Comment by Derek on May 16, 2011 at 2:47pm
Tragic imbeciles. How awful it must be to regard the world as a kind of holding pen, where one longs for destruction and death in order to attain an eternity of servitude. These people really are members of a death cult. Quite astonishing.


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