how will Israel

“calm the territory?”



with imprisonment &

torture behind the walls,

like they killed Arafat Jaradat.


and we can watch the soldiers get up in the

face of the young boys throwing


as if these rocks would penetrate their

flak vests, as if these rocks wouldn’t

bounce off their tanks

as they plow over the remaining Palestinian

homes, to make way for more

illegal settlements

being built relentlessly by those

who long for the day that every last

Palestinian has left the West Bank & Gaza forever,

or died at the end of the Israeli soldier’s



watch the american media portray every rock

thrown buy a Palestinian,

as if it wasn’t provoked by the

overwhelming militarized hyperpower that is

the Israeli government’s

war machine,

as if this little brother of america

had anything at all to fear,

with its stockpile of nukes,

waiting with a finger on the trigger

to unleash a firestorm on


using the new “tension” in the West Bank as an



the coming nuclear destruction,

the knocking of that first domino down,

to set the whole region ablaze,

this is the way that Israel will

calm the territory &

this is the way that president hope & change

will bend over the table

so that maniacal maniacal Netanyahu

can enlist the american support

to fight yet another war that we need not

fight, to destroy another land that we need not

destroy, to shake out those last coins from

our coffer at home,

so as to make the whole empire flat broke &

pave the way for China to

pick us up when we fall.

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