I can't count how many times I've been told I'm going to burn in Hell. Sometimes the voice that tells me is concerned, other times it is gleeful. But.... you don't need to disbelieve in Hell because no one REALLY knows what happens after we die. No... you can make a Christian's argument collapse in on itself through a basic thought experiment that anyone with a high school education can understand.

Let's engage in that thought experiment, shall we?

Let's say that Mr. Christian is right and I will "burn in Hell" after I die. Just go along with it for a while. First, in order to go to Hell I have to die without accepting Jesus as my personal savior. So... obviously I'll be dead when I go to Hell. But this fact alone presents a couple of serious problems.

Some Christians claim that it is only your spirit that survives after death... like a kind of ghost. I don't know if you've heard differently, but I've never heard of anyone explaining how a bodyless entity will feel physical pain. How does a non-phyisical body burn in physical fire? The same kind of nonphysical body that is said to be able to walk through walls and possess other people. How does a ghost burn? Never mind the idea of the physical pain supposed to come with it.


Other Christians claim that you go full-bodied to Hell/ Heaven. Okay... but there's a problem with that too. When you die your nerve endings die too. So... how could a spirit feel pain in a body that is dead? Some Christians who make this claim say that God gives you a new living body. Again there is a problem with this. That new body won't last long in open flame... what... does God give you a new body every time you turn to ashes in the previous one?

Also... if you're burning for eternity... psychologically Humans have the ability to become physically and mentally used to something. To the point where they don't even notice it anymore. - I believe that psychological process is called "accomodation." This would make it a dubious notion that constant torture in Hell would truly bother someone forever. If the "pain" was constant with no interuptions... they would accommodate to it in probably less than a day. So... 1 day into eternity and they don't notice that they're burning anymore.


Try asking these questions to Hell-obsessed Christians and see what you get.

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