if our species does not destroy itself

before it comes to the realization

that it does not need a fantasy full of deities &

afterlifes, ghosts, predestiny, miracles or saviors to get by,

having finally once & for all,

gotten rid of religion & all of its

ridiculous & terrible side-effects

forever &


then we should build the biggest fire imaginable &

burn the echo---

we should not pretend like there is anything left in the murderous past

that religion has dragged along all of its life

buzzing round our heads like gnats &

biting at our ankles like rats infested with the newest disease of the month---


we should come to the conclusion that





fill &

there is no merit in keeping the echo around

to remember what it was like to

oppress each other & kill each other,

pretending there was some kind of solace in the universe for those that

squinted their eyes together really hard &

whispered to themselves

while babbling the words produced from any number of the infamous poorly written books---

if we are lucky to make it that far

we should be so happy to say good riddance to it all---

if only all those who suffered & continue to suffered,

if only all those who died because of it,

were able to live to see the day

we burn



the echo all away.

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