''Last month, a 13-year old Syrian boy, Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb, marched with his family in a nonviolent anti-government rally in the city of Daraa. Authorities detained him along with hundreds of others involved in the protest against President Bashar al-Assad. After weeks of absence, Hamza’s barely recognizable body was returned to his family. It bore extensive evidence of torture—bruises, burns to the feet, elbows, face and knees, and the removal of his genitals. The wounds, according to family members, were consistent with those caused by electric shock devices and cable whippings. His eyes were swollen and black, with both arms bearing bullet wounds.''

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I'm incapable of understanding how one can do this to a child. It's beyond cruel and sick.

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Comment by M on June 19, 2011 at 9:54pm
His poor family, parents.  I can't even imagine.  We get all politically riled up here in the US, but really, we have it ever so good.  Don't we?
Comment by Philip Jarrett on June 19, 2011 at 10:21pm

"I'm incapable of understanding how one can do this to a child. It's beyond cruel and sick."

It's good that you are incapable of understand this cruel sickness.

I wish to hell I didn't understand it either, but I do. 

When I was a Christian I was taught to beat my children in order to keep them from becoming demon possessed.  Children were thought of as being open doors to hell all to willing to play with their 'imaginary friends'.  We were taught passages telling us not to be afraid to beat our children with rods...my controllers used a boat oar on their children...that God wouldn't let them die.  We were taught that the picture of Jesus carrying the lamb in his arms wasn't a symbol of God's love for innocent creatures or children.  No, we were taught that a shepherd, when he had a sheep that kept running off, would go out and get him...just like in the parable of the lost lamb...but when he brought him back to the flock he would break the lambs legs so he woudn't wander off again and that's why the Good Shepherd Meek And Mild is pictured carrying the lamb.

One night my 18 month old son wouldn't say 'Jesus Is Lord' at bedtime.  We were taught that any spirit that would not say 'Jesus Is Lord' was demonic.  Myself and the other Christian man we were living with at the time began beating him around six o'clock.  This went on till ten o'clock.  Four hours.

My son's bottom was black like it had been roasted over a fire and there were red streaks in the blackness where the meat beneath showed through. His shit was black for days.  He almost died, but hey!  God is Good!  He kept his promise and my son didn't die.

My son is a grown man.  He recently married and dropped my family name and took his bride's name. 

There are some things you don't have the right to ask forgiveness for.  The idea that God would forgive me just because I said the Sinner's Prayer aloud makes me want to vomit.  Any God who would forgive what I have done is just as much a monster as I am for having done it.

It is a horrible thing to learn at the age of thirty that you aren't one of the Good Guys.

When the planes flew into the Twin Towers I couldn't not judge the men who flew them.  They killed strangers.  I almost killed my own son.

How does one do these things to a child?

It begins with the concept of children as property inherent in all three of God/Allah/YHWH's creations.  Then you take childrearing practices that were used by a warrior nation and to raise their children to be warriors as well and apply those standards as if they were somehow applicable to the world 3000 years later. You grow up with cruelty as a part of your life.  You grow up believing that cruelty is God/Allah/YHWH's will.

You don't see your children with a mother's eyes, that would be unmanly and a sin before God/Allah/YHWH.  You see them as demons.  You see them as infidels.  You see them as meat that you bought at the store and can cut and pound and burn because they're just meat and don't deserve any better.

Be glad you are incapable of understand.

The only people who can understand a monster are other monsters.




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