It must be about a year now since I decided that atheism may be the best fit for my existence.. and I do feel as though I am on more solid ground now than I had ever felt trying to feel secure about a belief in 'God'. I always felt it seemed kind of silly to 'worship something'.. anyway, that IS a primitive practice and it avails nothing. Salvation?.. Christian baloney.
I find people are naturally decent, compassionate, law-abiding, etc; its wired into our brains to be the way we are after all these years of becoming civilized and still improving..
Of course difficult & stressful situations arise - shit happens - ..that's life, sigh.. (moan). Just gotta take responsibility and git on with it. Yes, sir! Kinda funny- when I was in the navy we had a captain on one of the ships I was on who liked to use the expression "GOYA!" which means Get Off Your Ass!!

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Comment by Neo Brave on July 18, 2009 at 9:37pm
I am happy for you and I you did make the right decision, in case you have any doubts; which is only healthy, in any case. It is easier to understand the world and more things make sense if you are an atheist. You are not alone.

Question everything, believe nothing!
Comment by Mike on July 20, 2009 at 5:28am


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