I have recently acquired a small book authored by Roy Lessin titled, "Promises to Pray Over Your Children". The book claims to be a helpful tool to parents who aren't sure how to effectively pray for their kids.

However, I find this book disturbing and twisted, and just another way to indoctrinate children and shackle parents. Here's why:

First, I disagree with the idea that prayer is effective, even in the slightest degree. By stating that the book will help parents become effective through prayer sets the parents up for failure. When was the last time an amputee victim received a new limb (not synthetic) through prayer? When was the last time that cancer was cured (without any medical treatment or special diet) through prayer? It has never happened. When a kid who is prayed for decides to make a poor decision, who's to blame? If a person follows this book, then the parent must have done something wrong. What a terrible thing to teach parents that praying for their kids is effective... instead of teaching them that communicating with their kids, building their self-esteem and teaching them right from wrong is more effective.

Second, the author states that praying is a privilege. Of course he would say that... he's trying to sell a book. However, the statement is so self-serving and so fake, I have to roll my eyes. I can pray to a stick if I feel like it - without anything being different (so long as nobody saw me do it and labeled me crazy... instead of praying to an invisible sky-fairy which is totally rational and acceptable).

The author also instructs parents to teach their children to fear god. This is one of the most harmful parts of Christianity... to fear something that is invisible. You might as well teach kids to fear ghosts or the Boogey Man. Teach kids to fear the great Ju-Ju of the Mountain or Thor, Zeus, Ra or Leprechauns... it would be just as mean. This book tries to keep kids in-line through fear and manipulation. Instead of teaching kids that doing right is admirable, will bring honest, good people around them and is accepted by society, the author wants you to teach your kids that they must do good or the invisible sky fairy will zap them.

It's too bad there is no Hell, because I'd very much like to send Roy Lessin to it.

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