Been awhile since it was posted... requests that you follow a few simple guidelines when posting blogs.

*Apply this before posting.
Debate Guidelines for Think Atheist Discussions.

Debates are welcome but should be posted in the forum.

This includes Theists, provided they follow our rules and guidelines. We
have members from all over the globe, from every background and
religion, we DO NOT discriminate.

* Give credit where credit is due.

We have no issue with you posting an article or story from another site,
book, magazine, etc., but please post the source. Plagiarism is both an
intellectual and civil crime. There are enough educated and well read
people on this site to spot it and call you on it. Don't humiliate

*No Teaser Posts
Posting only a few short sentences then linking to another site to read
the full article/ blog is not acceptable. You may post the source after
the full article/blog.

*Post a warning on all adult images or content.
Please Include "NSFW" in the title of PG-13 and above posts.
Let's not get anyone fired for opening a post with a pic of an atheist bikini contest while at work.

*Do not Hijack.

Keep it on topic with the original post.

*Authors of Blogs and Discussions deleting posts:

The 'delete post' option for authors is the primary means of dealing with spam and trolls. It was never intended for and NOT to be used for
intellectual dishonesty. We are a society of free thinkers, and that
means quite simply that no one has the right to censor or delete
the voice of another. This feature is included to take the pressure off
of moderators and keep our site clean of bots. It is NOT to give
censorship and silencing abilities to authors that can't handle
conflicting opinions. If you can only accept words that agree with your
own, you should not be posting on a public forum. Further, one should
carefully consider deleting their own posts. Keep in mind that other
members of this community know how to take and
save screen shots. No one ever wants to eat their own words. Use caution
when retracting your own posts.

*Posts that have a great impact on readers and/or moderators, may get featured on


Please do not post a Blog containing only a link to your other Blog. We
understand you may want to get the word out about your site but saying
"Here's my Blog, [blog_link]" and nothing else clogs the front page and
comes off looking like spam and will be treated as such.

A simple solution is to post a complete article from your blog and
include the link as the source. A good way to build traffic to a blog is
to post the article, and then have a 'read what people have said in my
comments' link at the bottom. Please limit this to one or two a day(from
your other blog). This includes click to pay blogs(ie. "The Examiner").
Please no Blind Links.

If you would like to have your blog added to our Friend/ Organizations RSS feed page please contact Morgan Matthew

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a Moderator.

Thank You,

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Comment by Jānis Ķimsis on August 17, 2010 at 3:21am
Reaction to Angelo?
Comment by Dan on August 17, 2010 at 4:04am
not really a direct reaction, just a reminder to all.


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