did you know that the first food & drink ever consumed on the moon was

the “communal wafer” & the prospective wine that goes with it?

did you know that buzz aldrin actually asked



if he could have a moment’s silence in order to take his

prepared “communion wafer & wine” before neil armstrong made his

first step out onto the surface of the moon?


please, take a moment,

all rational individuals in the room,

to have a seat---

for the stupidity may overwhelm even the strongest amongst us,

sending us hurling

into the walls,

head first.


let us offer up that

this was not

“one small step for man &

one giant leap for mankind,”

but rather one small step for one man

in a sequence of narrow-minded

itty-bitty steps,

which offered nothing but the assurance to him that

he was closer to the fictional creation

conjured up by delusional men in a desert

thousands of years ago

with nothing but time on their hands

and the sheer cockiness to assert

a way of life for

the rest of humanity

on the basis of one



which was edited & re-edited a million times over

to suit whatever maniac

acted as if this fictional character was behind themselves


at any given time in history.


had buzz been a non-believer in anything but the

progress of humanity & the amazing

possibilities that came with such positive hopes for

our own betterment in the


without tying all of his dreams to ulterior motive

through obligation to a book &

a cult of murderous, self-righteous, psychotics,

then perhaps our first steps might not have been


by the same disease that presently continues to

plague our species &

stand in the way of any real future

which we may have.

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