I kinda doubt the UK would risk doing this to a potential US president, but just putting this message on record could still be a hoot! (Too bad only UK citizens can sign.)


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Comment by Strega on December 9, 2015 at 2:48pm
I gather they got the 100,000 signatures required, but technically, unless the Trump actually wants to go to The UK, there's no mechanism to deny him access.

Whilst he himself is a disgusting specimen, the many followers he seems to have don't paint a very pretty picture of the American people.
Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on December 9, 2015 at 4:14pm

I was watching this on the news about 1 hour ago and the number was circa 240k. Now it stands at over 300k.  Many signing it consider what he said about banning Muslims entry into the U.S. to be tantamount to hate speech. Most other commentators said that he has the right to free speech and that what he said was more idiotic than hateful. It would be better to allow him to come and then try to persuade him via rational debate why his comments are wrong.

The problem many Londoners have is that he “lied” about London. There are no “no-go areas” that the police cannot enter. Londoners mix all the time and it the respect and tolerance for each other’s differences that makes it a great city.

It is the rhetoric used when pandering to the irrational fears of people is the problem. It does not matter if it is coming from ISIL or from the EDL (National Front). They are both extremists that help to keep societies polarized and only appeal to people already at those extremes.

Trump is not a fool. He knows there is a perception within the heartland of republican voters that they are under threat from various sources. A few Mexicans or a few Muslims or a few “un-American” people may have acted badly (not happy with my own use of that word). What Trump is doing is to capitalize upon these events by failing to allow any space for any rational commentary about them. These invisible (and mostly non-existent) enemies are everywhere but still nowhere and only Trump can save America from them. They have taken the place of the “Reds under the bed” so we need to build walls or stop granting visas to keep them out.

I find it impossible not to cringe when I hear him speak. He is an embarrassment to America and to the ideals I believe most Americans understand America to represent. Usually I can quickly get to the heart of the matter on most subjects. However I am finding it difficult to understand his popularity. I see what he “trumpeting” and getting his support for to be so alien to the America I know.

I cannot see him lasting the course. He is destroying the perception of America abroad and doing an injustice to Americans ignoring the “real” election issues by fighting the invisible enemies and confusion that his vulgar rhetoric is creating. The only thing America needed saving from is Trump because at best he is an embarrassment to the image of America and at worst he helping the work of ISIL.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on December 9, 2015 at 4:16pm

FYI  - It appears the site has crashed due to the volume of people signing it!!

Comment by Davis Goodman on December 9, 2015 at 4:45pm

@reg. London does have pseudo-no-go areas only...it isn't because there are muslims there but because every race and of every religion takes part in hooliganism. There are almost always police standing at the exits of Seven Sisters tube station (a scarry neighbourhood to say the least) though they don't tend to leave the underground station. Gangs were walking around in hoodies in an extremely creepy manner and they were mostly white...some non-white. I was about to walk down a street towards a specialty shop and the policewoman wouldn't let me. She told me to take a cab or go back to the centre. That was 10 years ago. Perhaps it is cleaned up...but if that is so...no doubt some other neighbourhood(s) have been passed the no-go baton.

Comment by Belle Rose on December 9, 2015 at 4:46pm
Unfortunately he IS representative of the attitude of many Americans, and that is precisely the problem. America is NOT full of many highly intelligent people. I've come to accept that he is doing well because he IS representative of what many people think subconsciously but fail to say outloud. The America my grandfather knew and talked about is long gone. The America we thought would never change has changed, and this country is now full of more ignorance than we ever thought possible. Do not hold this country in high regard as some kind of shining example. We no longer deserve it.

America is stupid. There is just no sugarcoating it. I want OUT!!! Lol
Comment by Belle Rose on December 9, 2015 at 4:48pm
And I predict that he will become the GOP nominee (which scares the hell out of me!!!!)
Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on December 9, 2015 at 6:04pm

Tower Hamlets has a very high Muslim population. Walking around it at times you would be forgiven for thinking that you were in the Middle East somewhere. I did a stint as a mini-cab (taxi) driver in London for a few months. I got a call to bring a man to an address in a rundown area of Tower Hamlets which itself was an underdeveloped area of London. From the front door of his house he asked me to open the trunk. Then he proceeded to put a large cauldron of hot food into it with smaller pots of rice and trays of bread. We set off but it was an almost silent journey as my Urdu is non-existent and he had little to no English.

We arrived at a small community centre and I gave him a hand to bring in the food. When it came to payment I saw that he was having trouble putting the full fare together. I indicated “No” to the money and made some gestures about having food instead. He looked surprised but was smiling and he ushered me in and made a space at a table for him. I then had the best vegetarian curry I have ever had and I have had hundreds before and since then.  He was basically doing his (religious) duty and this was a weekly “soup kitchen” run that he did. All the food was prepared by chefs from Pakistan who also took it in turns to spend an hour or two each week to prepare food they also supplied.

Most of the people there were new emigrants and were amused to see a “white man” sitting cross-legged on the floor eating with his food with bread. Nobody could speak English but when I look back at that day I like to think that my passenger and I understood each other perfectly. The following week I arrived early to his house to watch how the food was cooked but 25 years later I have still not mastered it.

I agree that London has become more dangerous. I lived around Brixton and the Old Kent Road for a few years. I never felt unsafe there. I return to visit some friends about 8 years later and it was a completely different atmosphere. You could sense the intimidation in the air. None of it was from Muslims though. It was all drug related gang bullshit. However you will occasionally get these scumbags too.

Comment by Adam on December 9, 2015 at 10:32pm

I understand the idea behind it, but  can you rationally deny him entry if he hasn't committed any actions that would negate his Visa-free travel to the UK?

You have to tread very carefully since denying him entry would be infringing on his freedom of speech not matter how hateful it is. It is a slippery slope situation.

Comment by Belle Rose on December 10, 2015 at 2:13am
I've been Heartbroken to see a lot of people I know (new mexicans) get behind Trump's idea of a wall and/or simply in general talking negatively about illegal immigrants. These very people whom I have known over half my life have ancestry roots in Chimayo, NM (beautiful Northern New Mexico). This territory from which they have long time family history is almost (not quite) the same land the Conquistadors..."conquered"....It was a land full of multiple Indian tribes all up and down into Latin America. I have some of that Indian blood but do not know from which tribe. These people are "real" New Mexicans. And they've embraced a deep racism against illegal Mexicans, when only a few decades ago Mexicans were brought over LEGALLY to work the fields and return home for xmas (see "With These Hands" by Daniel Rothenberg)...It's painful to watch people who I consider "like family" partake in this sort of aggressive racism, and it's dually uncomfortable considering I married an illegal Mexican, had a child with him, and have SEVERAL family members who are illegal in the US. The hate speech of Trump is affecting ME even, in the sense that I feel silenced. I am just really glad my son's father's immigration status is almost to where he can become a US citizen. So my son won't ever have to experience the pain of "daddy being deported." Fucking racism....
Comment by Belle Rose on December 10, 2015 at 2:28am
See link: There's a video also w/ Lindsey Graham. I've always liked Lindsey Graham. I am NOT Republican, but he's probably the only republican I've gained a solid respect for...



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