Okara is among the big cities in Punjab Pakistan. It is one hour away from the city where I am from..

There is a young guy of 15 year old. One day he was in the mosque & Imam was preaching there. Imam said the one who doesn't offer prayer & doesn't follow the preachings of Prophet he is not with us. If there is somebody who is not with us he should raise his hand.

The young guy raised his hand. When he did this Imam said you committed a blasphemy. There were 100 people in mosque and they got enraged. Then the young boy thought his hand is against the prophet preachings. He thought he committed a blasphemy then he cut off his own hand himself with the machine.

This incident happened in Pakistan early this year. The boy wanted to prove his innocence thats why he cut his hand off and then putted it in a tray & submitted it to Imam.

After that imam was arrested by police. His Villagers are calling him a hero. Shocking thing is this Now people from different parts of Pakistan are coming to see him & giving him huge respect & love because he did this act in the love of Holy Prophet.

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Comment by TJ on September 21, 2016 at 7:34pm

I remember reading about that back when it happened.

Apparently the kid misheard, and raised his hand thinking he was affirming his faith, and was confused and then horrified that it meant the opposite, panicked, and cut off his hand.

Because in Pakistan they are bat shit insane about Islam, a boy cutting off his own hand is not viewed as a story about the sharpest knife in the drawer being used by NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer...

...its viewed as a good thing.

In maybe 1,000 years or so, about the time it took (mainstream at least) Christianity to go from equally insane to more moderate, Islam might be able to survive...if 1,000 years doesn't simply let all the religions go obsolete.


Comment by Noon Alif on September 23, 2016 at 7:15am
The kid misheard but the people in the mosque including Mullah was not happy with his action then the boy thought he comitted a blasphemy he presented his hand in a tray .. do you think stupidity should be given 1000 years more to destroy the civilization ? ...:D


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