Wow....just, wow... I think I just read the ultimate doozy of unbelievable facebook bullshit. Please allow me to share and then examine just what we were presented with.

Warning: What you are about to read may adversely effect your intelligence or hang your head in sheer disbelief. I myself hope for the well-being of those involved that the following facebook story is fabricated. It is requested that anyone believing this story to be factual as claimed please seek professional help.

I want to ask you all something. WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? Twenty three years ago, my husband Xgay Greg had a vasectomy. So technically we shouldn't be expecting but God is having His way because we said he could do whatever he wants with us. Then in early April of last year God told us we were "expecting" and Greg and I both said to him, "Great!" I didn't pee on a prego test for at least 1 month because the Lord asked me to believe Him at his word. So, I waited until he gave us the green light...and the pregnancy test showed a (+) result. Then around 16 weeks we felt a little pressured and took a trip to the Carolina Pregnancy Center, (a faith based center that does NOT do abortions); they just give help to expecting parents. A woman took me into a back room to administer a pregnancy test and as we were waiting, she interviewed me. When she was done with her questions she looked at me and said, "Mrs. xxxxx, according to this, you aren't pregnant." I got up from the chair and said, "Hmm, thank you for your time." I went out to the lobby and said, "Honey, let's go." When we got outside the Lord spoke to me and said, "Are you going to believe that test or are you going to believe the report of the Lord? Who's report are you going to believe?" I told Greg what happened and I told him what the Lord was saying to me. We stood resolute about what God had said, continuing to live by faith. FAITH IS NEVER CONVENIENT. Onlookers and family have continued to see my belly grow...some giving into fear, others excited, and even more just growing more curious. That’s not all. A couple of weeks after that, I saw blood in the toilet. I immediately said, “Lord, you know what’s going on and I trust you.” He put a calm over me and his presence comforted me. By his Holy Spirit I knew he was saying to me to get Greg and show him what I saw, so I did. When Greg looked in the toilet I told him what the Lord was saying to me, “Are you going to believe what you see or are you going to believe the report of the Lord?” We stood there for just a moment and then flushed the toilet saying, “We’re going to believe the report of the Lord.” Now before becoming pregnant, my periods were irregular. From week 18 on until even now, I have been having monthly periods. I could tell that my faith was growing because I would see the blood and say, “Oh, you’re no big deal for God”. I said to the Lord, “How am I supposed to know when I’m due?” and he said from the time I told you. So from that our projected due date was around the first of the year. The 1st day of January had come and my wonderful mother-in-law thought for sure that we were going to have a Christmas baby. But then the idea of a Christmas baby turned to a new year’s baby, then turned to a valentines baby and here we are on the 18th of February still waiting by faith that our miracle will come. I want to remind you all that Greg and I live with my inlaws and so my mother in law inspects me daily to see the “growing progress”. There have been a couple of times that I thought “this might be it” and then the contractions would discontinue. Even though it might seem our miracle has been delayed, it really hasn’t. People think that our estimated time for the delivery MUST have been incorrect but they are mistaken. The Lord has prolonged this pregnancy to get people’s attention. See it would be easy to think that if a woman gives birth even though she had her uterus removed that it’s definitely a miracle. But to say that a delay in a pregnancy is a miracle is much harder to believe because people think that if something is late, then there must be something wrong. There is nothing wrong…well, except for the fact that God has to do something unusual to get your attention. He is not satisfied with where your faith is. Faith doesn’t grow on trees, it grows as you go through valleys keeping your heart and mind fixed on Him. For Sarah in the Bible her faith had to grow just to believe that she could become pregnant at such an elderly age! One of the reasons God wanted her to be pregnant as an old woman was so he could get HIS PEOPLE’S ATTENTION! That’s what God has asked me to do today…get your attention. If you have been stagnant in your faith in Jesus Christ, let this be your clarion call. It’s true that you only need faith the size of a mustard seed to see things happen, but that’s not where your faith is supposed to stay! It’s supposed to grow! So I say again, what does it take for you to believe in miracles? God is still a miracle working God but your faith limits the miracles he can produce in you. Do you want to know for yourself that I Am is the God of supernatural occurrences? Then get rid of your doubt and start believing that with Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Our miracle hasn't arrived yet and we're pleased to announce that we still have peace, and I still have a growing belly. We will give a HUGE announcement when the arrival has come. Blessings to you all

First of all, if reading that left you feeling lightheaded and dismayed that someone could actually be that out there, that it 100% understandable. But I said we were going to take a look at this insanity, so let's do that...

Okay, I'll skip over the anti-gay and anti-choice bits in this review so as to stay on topic. First off, her husband had a vasectomy, yet she thinks she is pregnant. Now it is not unheard of for a vasectomy to not go 100% correctly and still leave the male with the ability to pass sperm to the female through sexual intercourse. I'll give her that much. But the other snap reaction is the Greg (if she was pregnant) is not the father.

Next there is the matter of the home pregnancy test. It says right on the tin that results are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. A false negative reading is more common that a false positive, but they do happen. However, in the event of such an unlikely pregnancy, you test and test again. Or better yet, you go to a doctor or clinic to get a professional test done. On to that next...

Finally, after 16 weeks she goes to a clinic to confirm the pregnancy. Far to late if you ask me, but better late than never I suppose. But then the kicker... They tell her that she is NOT pregnant. But rather than listen to them or look into it further, she simply decides that her belief that she is pregnant is more valid than a professional opinion. 

More months down the line she finds blood in the toilet after using it. That far down the line, this is typically indicative of a miscarriage if she really was pregnant. But then they do the inexplicable and decide that it's nothing and that their god has it all under control. Seriously? You just ignore a possibly terrible sign if you are pregnant? No responsible parent to be would do such a thing. But she continued to ignore a newly regular menstrual cycle month after month. Sorry, but if you are having a regular period, you are not pregnant!

The 'pregnancy' has now progressed for eleven months and she still believes that she is pregnant... Newsflash, you aren't! At first it looked as if she could have been pregnant and had a miscarriage. However, with her claims of a continuously growing stomach I have to worry something worse is growing. Namely, a tumor. All signs point toward her not being pregnant. So that leaves the possibilities as a mass growing within her, or she has produced a psychosomatic response so strong that she has tricked her own body into thinking she is pregnant. But the far more likely explanation is the far more deadly one. For her her own sake, I hope that she has this looked into rather than simply ignoring it and claiming that god will take care of it.

There are greater and much further reaching problem at play here. First, the reliance solely on faith in important medical situations. This woman believes she his pregnant and chooses not to undergo any prenatal care. This is dangerous because this care is extremely important for the heath of the mother and the child. Should anything go amis, this care could catch any problems in time for lifesaving care to be implemented. Is she truly cared about this pregnancy that she believed she was having, she would have had an ultrasound, she would have had regular visits to update her on her progress. But she did none of these things. She just stood there are and pigheadedly decided that she was pregnant and that was good enough for her. This is a careless and extremely dangerous attitude for someone to have. But this attitude isn't isolated to just this story. Far too often you read of stories where a child dies because the family simply decided to pray rather than seek medical care. Quite frankly, in those cases, I feel that the parents should be liable for criminal charges.

The second issue at hand is that she seems to be claiming to regularly hearing voices that she claims to be the voice of a deity. This a seriously troubling thought as well, and one that makes me think that she is in need of mental health assistance, or straight out institutionalized. If she is hearing voices, and they are giving her advice, that sounds more like Schizophrenia than divine correspondence.

As you can see, there are some serious issues at play in this ridiculous story that I can only hope is fabricated facebook spam, attempting to make a feeble and sad attempt at propagating illogical and dangerous religious ideals.

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