Bill O'Reilly Questions How did it get here?

Bill O'Reilly has attacked atheists calling us names pinheads etc and asked us a lot of questions these are some of the answers for his latest questions. I guess most of the answers to his questions can be found by googling but here are a few answers I found ....


How did Moon get here?

Moon is the remnant of the collision of Earth and Mars sized object. For more information about it we can checkout the wikipedia article


How did Sun here?

Too much mass or Supernovas send shock waves triggering of formation of Suns etc. Suns can form for myraid of reasons. Hubble has taken pictures of the Suns formation one example of it is Eagle Nebula. For more information we can can checkout the below link about the star formation


How can we have that and mars does not have it? Venus does not have it?

Mars may have had life, Venus may have had life. We don't know for sure. Earth does have good conditions for life as of now but this was not the case for about hundreds of years after earth formation it was molten hot rock too hostile for any life this argument that earth is special since origination of solar system holds no ground

How did it get here?

Well if he is asking about life then its evolution. The below the tree of life from University of Texas one of the most esteemed schools in United States it shows life has branched out.

How did amoeba get here?

Amoeba through evolution

We have order in the universe tide comes in, tide goes out?

Well the tides happen because of the gravity of the moon

How is there is no life on other planets?

There is possibility of life all over this universe Kepler spacecraft has been launched by NASA has said this which is a part of US govt.

Some meteroite do this?

Meteorite some may have building blocks of life but the probability of comets having the building blocks of life is higher. 

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Comment by atheistrising on February 23, 2011 at 6:23pm
All theists are not stupid they can be some very smart people. There needs to be dialogue between who believe and who don't and things need to be hashed out for clear separation of church and state. Coming to the stats of the atheists I think 10 % is misleading atheists are much much higher and they are the fastest growing minority..
Comment by Darrell Mont on February 23, 2011 at 7:30pm
I understand O'reilly's goal: to imply that if you don't know the answer, then the answer is god. This is a silly tactic that has been used since the thunder god and the rain god. O'reilly is actually doing more harm than good to his side. When no one knew anything about anything, it was easy to claim "god" and no one could argue. But every time "god" gets dispelled by true concrete scientific data, the door closes alittle more and alittle more. Eventually, they will run out of outlandish "what-if" questions and "oh yea, well, what about this one" questions and the the door will close on god permanently. If I were Bill, I would just whistle and walk slowly away hoping no one noticed.
Comment by atheistrising on February 24, 2011 at 10:46pm
I agree


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