Acid Flashback, with Nostalgia

Over at, there's a short article called "Acid Flashback, With Nostalgia". Read about it here. Here's my reply to the article . . .

LSD, acid, Mr. Natural, Orange Barrel, Orange Sunshine, Green Pyramid, whatever you want to call it, it was fantastic. Whatever effect it had on brain chemistry, it was phenomenal. It’s true that it’s not for everybody. But if you’re the adventurous type, you’ll love the insights you’ll glean from the radical perspective of an acid trip.

I was around 17 years old when I first tried acid. Before then, I was an innocent. A teen, wending his way to adulthood. But Orange Sunshine changed all that. My eyes were opened to the possibilities of experience.

One of the greatest insights was the temporal nature of thought. We rarely live in the moment . . . in the now. We usually live in the future: whether that be 1 second or 1 decade from now. Whether or not you stand up, sit down, or invest in stocks, you’re constantly thinking in terms of what’s coming up.

LSD, among other things, removes the future from consideration. You live in the moment; without an inkling of what’s happening next.

I can’t explain what that feels like. All I know is that I started thinking critically after experiencing LSD. It’s been almost 4 decades since my last acid trip. I’ve had a family and career and then retired (early), at the age of 52, back in June, 2006. I don't see any ill effect from my experiments with LSD.

I credit my “cerebral awakening” to the aftereffects of LSD. I’ve known many others who responded very differently to LSD; so I can’t say it’s a surefire way to experience something truly transcendent. But if you’re the type who likes the idea of instant mind expansion -- and who doesn't have mental problems -- I wholeheartedly recommend it. Just make sure to trip in a positive environment: avoid negative places, people and situations.

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Comment by Atheist Exile on April 9, 2010 at 9:20am
One time, 2 friends and I were tripping on acid that was strong enough but not too intense. We were watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. His guest was a comedian (I forget who) and they had gotten on the topic of funny-sounding words we use to insult each other. Words like "dip-stick" and "dork".

The discussion reminded me of when I was a valet, at a discotheque in Waikiki, parking customers' cars. The owner of one car, a Ford (forget which model), had taken the chrome letters of the FORD nameplate and swapped the F and the D, producing the word "DORF". I told my 2 friends about it. Just then, Johnny Carson and his guest, in a back and forth exchange, started running through all the insult words they could think of: numb nuts, nimrod, and others I can't recall. Then Johnny Carson said "Dorf. Dorf? That's not even a word. I don't know where I got that!"

I got goosebumps and the other 2 guys looked spooked too. :-)

Weird, cosmic, coincidences like that seemed to happen a lot when I did acid.


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