According to this guest blogger, closeted atheists who go to church and pretend to be like all their fellow churchgoers are the "future of atheism." Its a little shocking to see this garbage on BB, which usually espouses openmindedness, tolerance and freedom.

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Comment by Johnny on March 3, 2009 at 11:56am
His wording is vague and a little confusing; its almost like he has a strong opinion about it but is trying to keep the entire audience without pissing anyone off.

I think not saying anything and just coasting by completely passive is not a good plan. It leads to a perceived cliche of "silence is consent." Then that moves things along to the next cliche of "a slippery slope."

This is some of the religious problems with the US government: years ago when "god" was slipped in, no opponents spoke up; now that it is in there people want to add it more, and don't want it removed.

If it wasn't for non-believers speaking up, and the sheeple had their way, "god" would be everywhere in government. Allow too much and you have to wonder how long before non-belief is outlawed; and how much after that before non-christian-belief is outlawed.

Back to topic a bit... I don't think atheist should be proselytizing necessarily; but making it known that the non-believers exist lends confidence to those who feel they are alone in their non-belief. Also sharing their views broadens the minds of others; some will not subscribe to those views, but some will have their eyes opened.

Non-believers not speaking up implies consent to let things stay the same, to subscribe to old dogmas and superstitions, to allow fairy tales written nearly two thousand years ago to bear relevance today. We can't afford to be completely passive about our views.
Comment by Dave G on March 3, 2009 at 9:17pm
This particular guest blogger has established a pattern of forming false dichotomies with his posts.
Atheists are either in-your-face, rabid, and screaming about how religion must be destroyed, or they are meek, quiet, in-the-closet people who go to church and pretend to be religious.


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