It's very easy to fall prey to catastrophic thinking as a result of bi-polar disorder. It actually hurts the people close to me when I struggle with it. Anyone else, without actually having OCD become quite obsessive or compulsive in their thinking, such as circular thinking, or counting? Has a little comment like, 'you might want to straighten your tie' ever become the crack of doom? Not everyone jumps to the extremes, but people with bipolar seem to have that tendency. In fact, bi-polar sufferers tend to have very high rates of OCD. I would be very pleased if you all would share with our friends how you manage to cope with such thinking. 

   Below is an interesting article I've included on the relationship between Bi-polar Disorder and OCD  by Natasha Tracy if interested:

And to learn more about Natasha tracy, follow the link below:

I hold the belief that education is a most effective tool in fighting symptoms, so learn all you can.

Well, I do hope to hear much feedback. Thank you for reading!

Yours, forever faithfully,

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Comment by Belle Rose on June 21, 2014 at 4:11pm
I have a personal theory that all mental illness is set off by trauma, and exacerbated by it's perpetuation.

Not supported by science........but.........
Comment by Karl Terrell Nightshade on June 21, 2014 at 4:26pm

Hmm... Interesting. I agree with that. Environment and occurrences do factor in in cases. Certainly PTSD. But it isn't the only contributing factor. Here is a very good article you may find informative:

So many factors are involved that it can be very difficult to pinpoint. It's always better to simply acknowledge the issue and learn as much as one can in an effort to build your 'tool chest' of defences against bi-polar. Especially if one is multiply diagnosed.

Also look up chromosome '22'.


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