Best of my Tumblr Part 5- Dissecting Ron Paul's Issues

Are you serious people? The reality of limiting government in a free market is allowing corporations to run rampant like the Republicans just did for 20 years. When they have so much money that they no longer have to be accountable to their consumers the free market supply/demand principle breaks and we get an oligarchy because they don’t have to worry about the poor people. His ‘liberated health care system’ sounds really suspect to me. Giving tax breaks equal to your health care and making giving health care to the poor a charitable health deduction sounds nice and all but how much money is that going to cost the government in revenue? And more importantly is there anything stopping the insurance companies from jacking up prices now that the government would be footing the ‘final bill’? 

Then of course we have the most hypocritical point in Ron Paul’s entire ideology. A hypocrisy plaguing almost everyone on the right-wing (and yes that INCLUDES you Libertarians). You see guys Ron Paul LIKES SMALL GOVERNMENT…when it comes to economics but socially he wants to control you. And here’s the biggest example: Ron Paul thinks life begins at conception. That’s right guys no abortions ever and no pill either. However Mr. Paul (that view makes me disregard his title of Doctor) thinks that we should give the final say to the STATES. That’s right guys State’s Rights because that’s never gone wrong before. 

And hey guys? Guess what else will be gone under Ron Paul? Income Tax and the IRS! I don’t think he really understands the severe lack of revenue we have from just the low taxes we have now. No taxes at all and no IRS to make sure people aren’t cheating the rest of us would kill American revenue. But that’s okay because he’ll jack up taxes on goods, boost tariffs on random things so it’s not ‘protectionist’, and cut spending to programs that aren’t ‘Libertarian’ enough for him. Okay so MORE TARIFFS in a Global Economy. The only tariffs we have SHOULD be protectionists (simply because other countries do that so they can sell goods to the US but not have to buy ours). And his “Liberty Amendment” would effectually destroy the Elasticity Claus which he obviously isn’t very well versed in as a “Doctor”. In effect destroying the Elasticity Claus with his Liberty Amendment would restrict the federal government to only things directly mentioned in the Constitution. Which was written 200+ years ago by men that wouldn’t know what to do if industry or globalization smacked them on the head. I love the Founding Fathers I really do, but a lot of that is because they recognized that the world changes and built the Elasticity Claus into the Constitution so that the United States would not be screwed if something new and unexpected came up. 

And his views on education? He’d allow states and parents to run wild with it. So we’d basically have A lot of Louisiana like issues. The states would implement Creationism laws, religious classes, etc. Destroying freedom in the name of the majority. The Libertarians are NOT for “freedom” they’re for “control by white protestants” AKA “The majority”. 

As for Civil Rights? Well while he says he wants racial equality he also wants us to remove every safeguard federally mandated that stops employers and producers from being racist. Now a lot less people are racist today, but he wants to give the ones still out there a get out of jail free card allowing them to discriminate in the name of the Free Market (which I’m sure he has a shrine to in his bathroom). 

So I’m really sorry to say this Libertarians because you think you’re doing good but…what you’re proposing would turn this into a majority mobocracy and allow a lot of theocratic policies to go into effect. State’s Rights has over and over again been proven to be the biggest joke ever. State Governments are historically MORE CORRUPTED than the Federal Government. Governors and state congresses often get to that point and are content to just sit there gathering money and local power. I’m really really sorry that the world doesn’t work the way you think it does. Because I’d kind of like it if I could have no income tax, good health care, and not need Civil Rights protections to stop me from being discriminated against due to being a religious minority.
But sadly the income tax works better than tariffs in this economy (not to say we should ignore tariffs in all cases), the free market is actually an oligarchy if we don’t regulate the corporations, and my civil rights are shat upon by the public school system because some states have too many rights.  

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