Best of my Tumblr Part 1- Proposal for the Utopian States of America

If I close my eyes I can see a great society, a golden age, a superpower of social equality and liberty.  I see a powerful nation, not on the might of the military-industrial complex, but on the might of the liberated-innovation complex.  

This society is free of all forms of discrimination.  You like the same gender? Who cares, gender is a social construct anyways and as long as you’re not committing crimes do as you please personally.  You are a different skin color? Genetically we’re all humans.  You believe in a different dogma?  As long as it doesn’t make you go out and hurt people practice whatever you want.  Born into a lower economic class?  Don’t worry if you work hard enough you’ll be able to get wherever you want to go with life.

That’s how it should be.  The American Way used to be the way of merit, hard-work, and determination; these traits built the middle class into a powerful entity.  However that entity has been under attack by deregulated industries seeking to exploit the materialistic tendencies they developed in their heyday.  

The American Way should be such that the consumer is protected from exploitation by the seller.  The American Way should be such that if you work hard and apply yourself you can be whatever you want to be.  The American Way should provide the education that allows hard-working individuals to excel beyond what their initial inherent abilities would normally allow.  

The American Way should provide for those the system fails.  I know I’m only 18 right now but I would like to apologize on behalf of the society I live in for failing you all.

I apologize to the homeless.  We failed to provide you jobs, protect you from exploitative credit companies, failed to provide you with an education that would give you job security, or failed to provide you with the health care needed to allow you to keep working. 

I apologize to the LGBT population for our horrible treatment of you throughout our entire history.  We don’t allow you to marry and have the same rights any heterosexual couple would normally have, we look down upon you, we spit in your faces, we insult and harass you, and worst of all we hate you.

I apologize to the minority religions.  You bring different ideas in all kinds of forms and we shun you.  We try to convert you. We preach hellfire and brimstone will damn you to Hell.  As with the LGBT population we hate you and that is the worst offense.

I apologize to the poor because even if you aren’t homeless we’ve still failed you.  Somewhere along the way we screwed up and you didn’t get the education you deserved, you didn’t get the protection from exploitation that you deserved, and yet we blame you for our own failings. 

I apologize to the women.  We objectify you, we call you sluts, we rape you, we destroy your self-esteem, and we do not consider you equal.  Regardless of what you look like you are all beautiful and yet still we scorn you and don’t give you equal pay. 

I apologize to the different races.  I have no idea why we think your skin color matters. All I know is that even decades after we gave you supposed equality we still discriminate. This discrimination has forced many of you into lower economic status.  We fear you because you look a little different.

I apologize to my fellow Atheist.  Similar to the minority religions we scorn you, preach to you, threaten you, and try to destroy your rights by legislating a specific dogma. 

I apologize to the scientists.  We don’t understand you, we destroy your progress, we hound your research, we bribe your peers to fight against you, and we treat you like you deal with a religion not concrete fact. 

I apologize to the mentally impaired.  We let you slip through the system, we give you grunt work and less pay, we force you to go through our school systems “normally” and allow you to be laughed at by your peers.  Nothing we do truly helps you because we don’t want to put in the effort.  Even if you can function within society we still fear you because you think differently.

I apologize to the psychologically damaged.  Our asylums are anything but, unless you are rich you get shut in a room and drugged up.  The stigmas against you are astounding.  We fear you because you think differently and throw our own reality into question. We fear you because we know that we’re actually the sickest.

I apologize to the sick and infirm.  We treat you like lepers, we do not provide you with health care that will allow you to get back to work.  We allow you to wither and die, or allow the health care industry to exploit you and bankrupt you.  We allow you to be tossed out onto the streets.  We fear you because we don’t want to be reminded of our own mortality. 

I apologize to the victims.  We ignore you and protect the criminals.  We allow you to die without justice. We let you be raped without justice.  We fear you because we know that someday that could be us but we wish to ignore it instead of addressing it.

Why am I apologizing when I participate in none of these discriminatory actions? Why do I apologize as if I am a racist, classist, or sexist? Because I live in the society that promotes such things and it makes me culpable.  I live under a social contract to this nation.  That social contract states that if I do nothing and do not try to make things better then I am culpable for the actions I am not fighting against. I am fighting now my fellow citizens. Now I can say that I am only culpable if I stop fighting.  Join me in this battle my peers.  Join me in this battle my equals.  Share with me our dreams! Let us bring liberty and justice for all!

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