Being a vocal atheist appears to stir the pot a little. Although, it’s been tense and heated, I’ve been turning this around in my head as a more positive experience. It seems worth it, because a relative just came out to himself about the nature of his beliefs in a private discussion with me, prompted by an exchange between me and my aunt, a recent public airing of religious family drama. He’s not a christian anymore, and I’m getting the impression he’s hiding it from his mother and everyone else in the family.

So, this leaves me with the impression that belief in gods and the supernatural is based heavily on peer and family pressure. People are literally being bullied into believing in a god.

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Comment by Christina Schanda on December 10, 2011 at 8:08am

I'm with you on this.  I live in the Bible Belt and actually did a little therapeutic writing project on the subject of Spiritual Bullies.  Of course, I poured sarcasm all over the top of it to make it palatable. I've had a hell of a time over the last few years and feel like I have to keep my mouth shut, even though lately I've been more vocal.  Christina-anity is the name of my ebook on amazon...if you want to have a little "ha-ha" over my experiences.

Comment by Ed on December 10, 2011 at 9:15am

Without the ubiquitous peer pressure the church pews on Sunday would have lots of room....


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