My nosey facebook aunt just outed me to my grandmother. Apparently my grandmother is now freaking out. I've only told certain people, and I'm only friends with certain family members on FB. Did she ever stop and think that this was something I was planning on talking to her about myself, and that I wasn't ready? Honestly, at a loss here about what to do now.

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Comment by Andrea on February 1, 2010 at 10:44pm
the uncle called my aunt, his sister, and told her i was calling his wife, the aunt in question, a liar and saying she was disrespectful. as he was shouting over my little voice, what i was trying to tell him was "i just want to know what (aunt) said to grandma to make her freak out like that, it sounded like amy said i said some pretty disrespectful stuff..." all he heard was (aunt) and disrespectful. then hung up. and he's still awaiting my call.

i'm pretty sure my family has a phone-tree. after my uncle called me, he called his wife, then i called his wife (the convo where we became "cool" again), then he called my other aunt (his sister) and my grandmother. my other aunt then called my grandmother. i called my grandmother-who by that time had heard so much shit about me that she barely wanted to talk. my other aunt called me this evening, and immediately after, she called my brother, who just called me telling me all this shit that i apparently said to this other aunt.

as for the "i have doubts too" stuff, they aren't being skeptics, they're trying to tell me that, apparently, they don't believe in what they believe in. how quaint.
Comment by Andrea on February 2, 2010 at 8:13pm
that pic is me exactly.

i'm better today. i'm washing my hands of it all. i'm not going to play into the gossipy kindergarten telephone game. they can wallow in their hatred and misery...i'm getting on with my life. they can contact me if they feel so inclined.


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