The job market is horrid, but I'm trying to get a part time job somehow. I've been slowly bu surely cleaning up my desktop setup, and I've achieved this.

Admittedly, the far left is still the warzone of random gadgetry, rarely thrown out pillars of empty cola cans, and waded up issues of the paper I write for.

I've recently acquired Windows 7. Don't. Buy. It. By. Itself. Ever. I could've SWORN I've learned my lesson. Well, now I have. Say hello to an iMac around a month after I land a job, because I'm SICK OF MICROSOFT. SICK.

It is hardly better than Vista in only a few ways, it's just worthless. And Snow Leopard blows it away. Hell, Cheetah blew it away. Ubuntu Warty blows it away. I could dig up an old NeXT computer and it's better. I could throw together all of the early 32-bit components together I have, and compile a fresh install of the first public release of Debian, AND IT'S BETTER. Everything is better. Not worth 200 bucks. Just save another 1000 and get the new iMac for a desktop, or another 800 and get a new Macbook White, or if you have an Intel Mac (since 2006ish) then it's 120 bucks, and if you have a Mac with Leopard it's only 30 bucks. Or build custom and throw on Arch and run XP on VirtualBox on Seamless mode if you really need Windows (Better yet, WINE). Your choices are all better and in some cases cheaper if you know how to compile Arch properly and build your own rig.

Oh, and my new constant companion, my HP Mini 110 netbook, has BSoDed twice. I now duel boot Ubuntu with XP. In about six months, I'll either Hackintosh it, or set it on fire. Hurdy hur.

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Comment by 1tofallen on October 25, 2009 at 3:54am
Be a man and save up for a Mac Pro. I'm too cheap for that. I'm getting a 15" mbp with 4gbs of ram, highest capacity non_solidsate, and view other things.
Comment by AJComix on October 25, 2009 at 12:19pm
I need a new desktop, as far as portables go my netbook does everything I need a portable to do, and I'll be Hackintoshing it once I have the snow leopard install disc. Hence, and iMac. Besides, I get more power for less than a Mac Pro.


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