Beating round the burning bush- hopeless rant on politics in the Middle East.

I didn't vote in the last Israeli elections. In the ones before I voted for the "senior citizens' party"- more as a protest vote than anything else. I've lost all hope and trust in politicians- not because they're crooked- but because none of them has the power or guts to address the real reason for this ridiculous conflict in the middle east that's destroying the lives of so many people- religion.

Every year it's the same thing- moderates on both sides get together, draw new lines on the map and try to reach a compromise. The whole world usually talks about it- US presidents and EU leaders view it as personal prestige to host these talks I fancy hotels and resorts all over the world. But ultimately- nothing moves, nothing changes- no progress is ever made.

It's been 42 years since the occupation of the west bank by Israel, and 16 years since singing the Oslo peace accord which was supposed to mark the "beginning of the end" of this conflict.
It's been a hundred or so years since jews began colonizing Palestine, and an agreement with the locals has yet to be reached. In that time two world wars have started and ended, countless other conflicts have erupted and finished- enemies became allies, compromises were reached- and old animosity was forgotten.

But not here. Why? Because this is a deeply religious conflict. It's rooted in biblical and koranic commandments, on which neither side can compromise. People make mistakes, they present opinions which are open to debate- but god is infallible. "If God said the land is ours- then I couldn't compromise on that even if I wanted to." Everything in the Middle East is moved by religion. Jews want the West Bank because God told them they have to live there. Muslims want the Jews out of the Middle East completely (along with the American bases) because their religion states that land once liberated by Islam is never to be ruled by no-believers again.

Leaders on both sides know this. Everybody knows this. These "Peace Talks" are all a sham. No leader can actually compromise even if he wants to. Any document signed would be no more than a piece of paper, which neither side would respect- because compromise means betraying the word of God.

I live in a reality where the absolute word of God has left people with no choice but to kill each other. If no issues are open to debate- the only alternative is to fight until one side dies. I've personally almost been killed countless times, miraculously avoiding suicide bombers by mere minutes.

I don't see myself voting in the next election either- not unless some miracle happens and atheism becomes wide spread on both sides. I think Hell freezing over is a surer bet.

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Comment by Doug Reardon on October 2, 2009 at 4:36pm
You have my sincerest sympathy Yonny. Unfortunately, you are absolutely right!


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