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I was watching the daily show, and heard this rapper [starts at 2:15] I thought the beats were pretty solid. So I decided to look around for music by HichKasonline. This was very exciting, I'm always interested building upon my culturally diverse music library. As long as what I'm listening to isn't advertising something I completely disagree with. Or something that goes against my existence on this planet we call home. I found a music video by this artist, the one featured in the daily show. Someone was nice enough to put English subtitles. Here is the music video:

For those who can't follow the subtitles, as they do go rather fast. I took the time to write it all down. Here are the lyrics of Ye Mosh Sarbas by HichKas:

"we are a bunch of soldiers
a bunch of soldiers, who put out lives on the line
The Angel of Death [Gabriel] is down with us

I want you to throw your hands up high, HIGHER! Throw 0 2 1 up forever! I'm with a bunch of live soldiers, and each of them has their own story

Like "Triam Maa" I begin this verse in the name of God. God is with us because we are ever thankful to him. In good times slkdjfsdlks when we feel like cursing the world. We are a bunch of soldiers, with our lives on the line. The Angel of Death is down with us, help each other even though we are all in poverty. Take a taste of my raps, they're bitter aren't they?

We've taken it to the limit and reached the point. Where we've monopolized everyone into listening to our rap instead of the "other side". We are prepared to give our precious lives for 4 things: God, Our nation, our family and our friends. We've stayed in the streets for 4 reasons: First, because we have no other choice, or place to go. The next reason is a sense of honour-bound duty. The next reason is not appropriate to be mentioned here. The 4th reason is a bit romantic: The leaves of autumn.


I don't feel the peace of mind I feel here anywhere else. All the young ones are learning from us. Learning that a true soldier doesn't just think of himself. They think of the future and tomorrow. We are a bunch of soldiers
with masters degrees from the biggest university in Iran. I mean the street, not formal education. I chose the pavement over the school chair.
Remember to try and be different to us in this respect. we also made mistakes. However, in any situation we find ourselves in. We build and make progress.

Many tears and a lot of blood will be shed on our journey. But in the face of hopelessness and loss of faith, we are the trees that will not be swayed.

We stand firm, we do not even fear the Axe, not even a bit. Let them know that we are prepared for war if they force us.


The flag is at full mass, never doubt that. Don't ever worry my friend, no reason to fear. We are a bunch of soldiers, there used to be more of us. Take my words seriously, I'm not one to joke around. Many of our friends are no longer with us. This new year our thoughts will be with you.

I want the martyrs to know that if we are keeping it real; It is due to their blood which was spilt on the grounds for us. All the people keeping it real know that our flag is flying high. If you are a real man then we are with you too. I pray for the world to be secure and peaceful, amen. We have felt enough fire. I hope the day that we are all safe and secure comes quicker. So that we may all be happy together. Don't stand still because...

[Chorus] X2
the flag is up
the flag is up
the flag is up
0 2 1"

Alright, it appears this artist is not for me. I don't know the governments reasons for banning this from Iran. But you can surely understand why someone wouldn't want to listen to it. It seems they claim to be the living soldiers who will spill blood if "they force us". They consider themselves freedom fighters. I think banning this was a bad idea. Despite its negative reason, he is still getting the attention he pleads for in this very song. I can only imagine what kind of reactions I'd get blaring this music down the street. Feel free to inform me if you know a music artist on the opposing side of hichkas. The solution to said ideologies is to socially discuss, and just like the WBC the best immediate reaction is to present a facade of jokery, while looking back to make sure this doesn't elevate to terrorist actions. In other words, don't say "No, none of that, you are punished" it should be approached as such "this shouldn't be taken seriously, because [reasons], if people did as they say [counter productive events] would happen". This is for the same reason why you don't reply to your child questioning your credibility with "because I said so".

To everyone reading, this is completely open for discussion.

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