Bag: "apparently Im fyucking psycho"

What I believe to be the first member to lose it in the Think Atheist chat room this last Saturday (on date 1.24.2009)

The Backstory

In the first week of my joining the ThinkAtheist chat I couldn't help but notice a girl that made it her personal job to quickly
hijack any and all conversation with sexual comments about her body, her sexual ability and such in an effort to gain the attention of all present. Usually I don't mind... No, Honestly it's often par for course. However, it all seemed very one dimensional and contrived for public display vs an honest flirt with other members of the chat room. Originally she was using what I take to be her real name in chat, but within a week she adopted a reversal of the first 3 letters of her first name to create a character many will not easily forget...
"BAG" had been born.

To the best of my knowledge, nearly everyone noticed her repetitiveness and predictability to deconstruct an otherwise
meaningful conversations -into something resembling an unchaperoned AOL teenage pole dancers chatroom.
Things came to a head when "Bag" decided to see what others were saying about her by pretending to
"turn in her badge and gun" leaving word she had left the site never to return...
she then re logged in and lurked - fishing for and seeding comments.
When conversation did eventually turn to her departure as being a good thing
and how nobody need her drama messing with it.

It was at that moment....

Bag reappeared....

I've included as much of the log, as I was able to save from my window.

6:05pmPink mom yes
6:05pmflip hey did you notice that she had her toungue pierced?
6:05pmSuzyQ i will find you and pinch you
6:05pmSuzyQ hard
6:05pmSuzyQ who!>
6:05pmmetaphorgasm she looks like the letter Q... all disfigured and shit
6:05pmSuzyQ LOL!
6:05pmSuzyQ with a dick?
6:05pmSuzyQ Q
6:05pmmetaphorgasm yes
6:05pmSuzyQ thats what it looks like
6:05pmmetaphorgasm you herm
6:05pmSuzyQ hermie
6:05pmSuzyQ my new nickname!
6:05pmSuzyQ whatever, my cocks bigger than yours
6:05pmmetaphorgasm probably
6:05pmSuzyQ (WHOA i said cock)
6:05pmPink mom haha
6:05pmBag give me back my gun and badge
6:06pmmetaphorgasm oooohhhh
6:06pmBag I have some smiting to do bastards
6:06pmJohn57 Bag! We missed you!
6:06pmMatt gotta go, later folks
6:06pmMatt drinky time
6:06pmmetaphorgasm Matt flees
6:06pmMatt lol
6:06pmmetaphorgasm run, matt, run
6:06pm[flip] ducks
6:06pmBag maybe I should have gone with spite instead
6:06pmflip oh shit!
6:06pmJohn57 Or a nuke.
6:07pmmetaphorgasm brb
6:07pmflip chirp
6:07pmflip chirp*
6:07pmAllen hrms
6:07pmMatt False alarm, the honk was not for me.
6:08pmthe tree is on fire gran torino or slumdog millionaire
6:08pmSuzyQ millionaire, tree
6:08pmMatt I learned new racial slurs from gran torino.
6:08pmthe tree is on fire ooh
6:08pmBag im having fun btw
6:08pmBag you all say I love drama
6:08pmBag and this is too true

6:08pmthe tree is on fire what's millionaire got then suzy?
6:08pmSuzyQ bollywood dancing
6:08pmBag so fuck you dan cause you still have no idea why Im pissed at you
6:08pmBag and this is amazing

6:09pmDan and i don't care
6:09pmthe tree is on fire bollywood?
6:09pmSuzyQ jfgi
6:09pmBag obviously that smile tells me differently
6:09pmMatt India's equivalent of hollywood
6:09pmDan obviously you need more schooling
6:09pmBag obviously you need to have your kids taken away
6:09pmDan lol
6:09pmDan petty
6:09pmBag or kid
6:09pmBag I dunno
6:09pmBag I wouldnt care
6:09pmBag anyways
6:09pmBag like I said
6:10pmBag I have smiting to do

6:10pmthe tree is on fire i don't think you've even seen it suzy
6:10pmthe tree is on fire so gran torino it is
6:10pmBag because OOOOH
6:10pmBag I gotta have my frama
6:10pmBag and attention

6:10pmmetaphorgasm ?
6:10pmBag o much
6:10pmBag I loooove it

6:10pmAllen -sips his drink-
6:10pmMatt I enjoyed gran torino, I think having someone to laugh at it with was helpful.
6:10pmmetaphorgasm love what?
6:10pmBag Im so fucking unstable
6:10pmPink mom haha
6:10pmchiz obviously
6:11pmDan lol
6:11pmBag exactly
6:11pmEureka *sigh*
6:11pmmetaphorgasm watch out guys.... it's gonna blow
6:11pmEureka The things I miss.
6:11pmBag homg!
6:11pmMatt Did you just call god a homo?
6:11pmBag yes
6:11pmBag I did

6:11pmMatt Nice.
6:11pmmetaphorgasm tehe
6:12pmBag I hope its appreciated
6:12pmMatt I appreciated it.
6:12pmmetaphorgasm everything you say is appreciated
6:12pmBag im sure
6:12pmchiz rolls eyes
6:12pmmetaphorgasm it is
6:12pmmetaphorgasm at least bt me
6:12pmmetaphorgasm by*
6:12pmMatt Ok
6:12pmMatt really drinky time now
6:12pmchiz deterioration has set in
6:12pmMatt Talk to you guys later
6:12pmmetaphorgasm go drink matt
6:12pmBag dont be a douche
6:12pmBag Im already sad enough I cant have you
6:13pmBag please dont make it harder

6:13pmmetaphorgasm i know
6:13pmBag ::tear::
6:13pmmetaphorgasm there there
6:13pmthe tree is on fire
6:13pmmetaphorgasm there's nothing creepy about leaving a website whilst silently stalking it....
nothing creepy about that at all
6:13pmDan lol
6:13pmthe tree is on fire i jfgi'd jfgi
6:13pmPink mom lol
6:13pmBag ah you know me
6:13pmEureka lol.
6:14pmBag unstable and all that
6:14pmmetaphorgasm do any of your psychology courses have anything to say about that?
6:14pmBag yes
6:14pmBag they do

6:14pmchiz I assumed she was lurking.
6:14pmmetaphorgasm what do they say?
6:14pmBag quite amazing
6:14pmBag apparently Im fyucking psycho

6:14pmEureka no arguments there.
6:14pmmetaphorgasm is that what they say?
6:14pmmetaphorgasm i doubt they would spell fucking wrong
6:14pmchiz have you saught help?
6:14pmmetaphorgasm ;)
6:15pmEureka so, on to things that matter
6:16pmDan dirt?
6:16pmEureka my brother came out of his bathroom in a towel, tripped,
dropped the towel, fell and landed cock first on a space heater.
6:16pmBag oh wow
6:16pmBag and that wasnt offensive at all

6:16pmPink mom thats bad
6:16pmDan Hot date
6:16pmBag lets all go caer about her brothers cock
6:16pmBag I know I do

6:17pmSuzyQ hehahah eureka
6:17pmSuzyQ thats hilarious
6:17pmPink mom lol
6:17pmchiz is there a mute option?
6:17pmBag turns me so fucking on
6:17pmPink mom lol
6:18pmPink mom you guys are so funny,I am always laughing
6:18pmEureka I laughed until I cried when he told me. Poor guy.
6:18pmthe tree is on fire what sort of burns are we talking about
6:18pmthe tree is on fire 1st 2nd or 3rd degree
6:18pmEureka I don't think it was bad enough to go to the hospital or anything,
I dont imagine he stayed on it very long. LOL
6:18pmPink mom did mommy put medicien on it
6:19pmBag aww
6:19pmBag I wanted it to fall off so I could masturbate with it
6:19pmBag I heard he has a nice one

6:19pmPink mom lol
6:20pmEureka but I do think his baby maker is out of commission for a bit
6:20pmBag I dont want a baby
6:20pmBag I want a cock
6:20pmBag a nice hard juicy one

6:20pmPink mom lol
6:20pmEureka I'm sure you do, interslut.
6:20pmBag good so we understand each other fat cunt
6:21pmPink mom lol
6:21pmchiz ugh
6:21pmBag I think we should have nicknames for everyone
6:21pmM. hi guys
6:21pmBag hello M
6:21pmBag welcome to my meltdown

6:21pmM. uhh, what happened?
6:21pmBag nothing much
6:21pmmetaphorgasm hey M
6:21pmBag just trying to let of some steam
6:21pmPink mom bag wants a cock
6:21pmBag but its ok
6:21pmBag I like you

6:21pmM. so why the meltdown?
6:21pmBag you dont need a bad nickname
6:22pmEureka Douchenozzle, you can hurl all the fat jabs you want, nothing phases me.
6:22pmBag I also said cunt
6:22pmPink mom lol
6:22pmBag and you think interslut phases me?
6:22pmchiz could you please meltdown somewhere else? Seriously.
6:22pmBag lol
6:22pmEureka Oh, I know I'm a cunt. There's nothing new there.
6:22pmBag and I know Im a slut
6:22pmBag good

6:22pmDan chiz, seriously
6:22pmBag we still understand each other
6:22pmBag this is good
6:22pmBag we have this bond now, you see

6:22pmthe tree is on fire uhoh
6:22pmthe tree is on fire so there is the pro bag faction
6:23pmPink mom lol
6:23pmthe tree is on fire and the anti bag faction
6:23pmthe tree is on fire do i have to pick a side?
6:23pmDan where's the pro?
6:23pmBag I need you
6:23pmBag you need me
6:23pmBag it all works out in the end
6:23pmBag :)

6:23pmchiz I'm doubting the claimed age there.
6:23pmthe tree is on fire dan i took your comment to be probag
6:23pmDan no
6:23pmthe tree is on fire excuse me
6:23pmDan you're excused
6:23pmBag Dan wouldnt be allowed on my side

6:23pmthe tree is on fire thank you sir
6:23pmthe tree is on fire noone asked you
6:23pmBag Id piss in public first
6:24pmBag and I really hate doing that

6:24pmchiz We are supposed to be a group of thinkers... right?
This sounds more like a 4chan conversation on yahoo answers.
6:24pmBag oh trust me
6:24pmBag I tried the thinking thing
6:24pmBag nah

6:24pmEureka thats what the burning smell was then
6:24pmBag Ima just be a douche instead

6:24pmthe tree is on fire lol
6:24pmBag no sorry that was your hair
6:24pmPink mom poo,think, think
6:24pmchiz you didn't try very hard
6:25pmDan lol
6:25pmBag thats ok
6:25pmBag I dont have to

6:25pmEureka obviously.
6:25pmBag im crazy remember
6:25pmM. so ANYWAY guys, hows america doing since the inauguration?
6:25pmDan good so far, m
6:25pmthe tree is on fire are you sure dan
6:25pmPink mom great
6:25pmEureka I suppose anyway
6:25pmDan Yup
6:25pmM. lol
6:25pmBag amazing
6:25pmthe tree is on fire i mean, he closed gitmo
6:25pmM. gitmo?
6:25pmchiz It's only been a few days. Hopefully, everything sorts itself out.
6:25pmDan and made bush's records public
6:25pmthe tree is on fire and then appointed someone who is implicated in tax fraud to be head of the irs
6:26pmM. haha, awesome
6:26pmBag I swear its like a fucking pot fest
6:26pmthe tree is on fire gauntanamo bay. prison where they kept terrorists til they got their tribunal
6:26pmPink mom whats wrong with pot
6:26pmflip and the missing e-mails have shown up....if they're the actual records of their dirty dealings... (JOY)
6:26pmAllen or innocnent people until they were made to look guility
6:27pmM. uh oh, am i gonna regret sarting this conversation soon
6:27pmDan lol
6:27pmflip nothing is wrong w/ pot pink mom.. if there's a chicken in it
6:27pmBag haha who said there was anything fucking wrong
6:27pmM. nothing is wrong with pot :)
6:27pmPink mom lol
6:27pmBag god I have a lot of pent up stress
6:27pmBag I neef to say FUCK with everything

6:28pmPink mom have a bowl instead
6:28pmM. by the way people, i would like to formally announce that my campus firewall wont let me access TA chat for some reson
6:28pmflip bag... you really do seem to require a outlet
6:28pmM. **reason
6:28pmM. so i wont be on here very often
6:28pmBag they dont like the word atheist
6:28pmM. haha
6:28pmBag ARGH FUCK IT
6:28pmM. yeh, that explains the mosque on campus
6:28pmM. ^^
6:28pmBag HAHA
6:29pmBag ARRR FUCK IT

6:29pmAllen midgit pirate porn
6:29pmthe tree is on fire maybe you should go workout bag
6:29pmBag I do
6:29pmthe tree is on fire that relieves stress
6:29pmBag it just pisses me off
6:29pmEureka try harder.
6:29pmBag id rather just say FUCK
6:29pmSuzyQ if you guys dont stop saying my dog is hot, i swear to god...
6:29pmBag SLAM my fuckuing keyeboard
6:30pmM. not to be rude or anything.. but bag, your side of conversation is starting to sound slightly monotone
6:30pmBag like I give a fuckign crap?
6:30pmM. cant you vent somewhere else?
6:30pmBag no
6:30pmBag not really

6:30pmM. thats a little sad
6:30pmBag Im smiting/spite thing
6:30pmflip Ok suzy... but only if you add me as your friend otherise I'm going to start texting your lab
6:30pmBag I know
6:30pmBag isnt it?

6:30pmSuzyQ omg i did!
6:30pmBag Ima fucking just bother
6:31pmBag bother bother fucking bother

6:31pmSuzyQ gabby, i like you. but maybe you should vent a different way, if this is not working for you.
6:31pmSuzyQ you know?
6:31pmSuzyQ i just want to see you happy.
6:31pmBag this is working
6:31pmchiz I suggest just ignoring her nonsense. She's obviously in need of attention
and wants us to give it to her. Just continue your conversations and let her tire out the "fuck" thing.
It will get old eventually.
6:31pmBag I fucking HATE you
6:31pmBag see
6:31pmBag makes me feel better

6:32pmflip bag needs a hug
6:32pmBag I dont see whats wrong with attention
6:32pmBag you all act like its something stupid and disposable
6:32pmBag only a child needs
6:32pmBag it
6:32pmBag but you're fucking stupid
6:32pmBag everyone wants fuckign attention

6:32pmflip but it's one sided bag and you're acting out against us
6:32pmBag at least I fucking admit it
6:32pmJohn57 Children don't need attention Bag, they just need an outlet.
6:32pmBag Im acting out for a reason
6:32pmBag and you fuckign know it
6:32pmBag everyone needs attention

6:32pmflip what is the reason bag?
6:33pmBag not just fuckign children
6:33pmBag because I hate you

6:33pmflip you hate me?
6:33pmBag of course I do!
6:33pmBag I hate most of you dont I

6:33pmflip why?
6:33pmBag Isnt that it?
6:33pmBag You all act like fuckign douchbags
6:33pmBag and I fucking hate you that do

6:33pmJohn57 :-?
6:33pmmetaphorgasm do we?
6:33pmBag at least we have some awesome people on here
6:33pmmetaphorgasm i'm awesome
6:34pmBag no
6:34pmBag you arent

6:34pmmetaphorgasm no?
6:34pmBag trust me
6:34pmmetaphorgasm why not?
6:34pmBag I used to think so too
6:34pmmetaphorgasm what changed your mind/
6:34pmmetaphorgasm ?
6:34pmBag because most of you act like me and dont even notice it
6:34pmBag I fucking hate you all
6:34pmBag fuck fuck fuck
6:34pmBag fuckity fuckity fuck

6:34pmmetaphorgasm so, umm... leave the site
6:34pmthe tree is on fire while this is entertaining
6:34pmPink mom can you feel the love!
6:34pmBag ah no
6:34pmchiz why are peoploe still interacting with her?
6:34pmBag there are some I really like
6:34pmM. no, that would mean facing reality
6:34pmmetaphorgasm haha, chiz
6:34pmthe tree is on fire i think this is time i go do something else with my life
6:34pmBag because Im an attention whore
6:35pmmetaphorgasm you kind of are
6:35pmBag exactly
6:35pmthe tree is on fire goodnight
6:35pmBag I admitted it from the beginning
6:35pmmetaphorgasm nite tree
6:35pmJohn57 Bye Tree
6:35pmM. its true, we should all just shut up
6:35pmBag so dont act like you're giving me the shock of a lifetime
6:35pmM. maybe shell get bored
6:35pmBag yes
6:35pmBag shut up

6:35pmmetaphorgasm but... you have on your profile that you dislike attention whores
6:35pmBag and I'll get bored
6:35pmmetaphorgasm do you hate yourself?
6:35pmBag haha
6:35pmBag I see it in myseklf

6:35pmmetaphorgasm self-loathing
6:35pmBag and I hate the whiney goth ones

6:36pmmetaphorgasm where are they?
6:36pmMorgan Matthew okay
6:36pmBag I've only seen two on here
6:36pmBag isnt it fucking awesome

6:36pmmetaphorgasm life is fuckin awesome
6:36pmJohn57 Wait, we have whiney goth people?
6:36pmMorgan Matthew everyone calm down :)
6:37pmYou [flip] believes after reviewing of the evidence ...
that bag really needs a hug and a long talk with real life friends
so that she can work up to having a healthy heterosexual relationship
6:37pmM. is amused
6:37pmBag I thought we went over it
6:37pmBag Im a fucking whore
6:37pmBag I have heterosexual relationships all the fucking time

6:37pmFrink drama llamas
6:37pmBag yes
6:37pmBag I have a poster of a drama llama in my room

6:38pmFrink sweet
6:38pmArt holy crap, this is better than tv
6:38pmM. thinks mr. matthew is going to need to take some drastic measures to get certain persons to calm down
6:38pmArt let me go get the popcorn
6:38pmBag good art
6:38pmBag come on in
6:38pmBag FUCK
6:38pmBag pissing me off

6:39pmJohn57 Seriously...
6:39pmmetaphorgasm Bag... you have too much unnecessary pride
6:39pmM. haha, well put :)
6:40pmmetaphorgasm ;)
6:40pmflip and I said.. HEALTHY heterosexual relationships..
not just being used as a dumping ground by someone with a hard-on
6:40pmBag and here we go
6:40pmBag Im too fucking psycho to have fuckign pride right?

6:40pmJohn57 The circle is complete...
6:40pmArt in other words, not a cum dumpster
6:40pmM. its kinda funny, cause we are loving this.. as much as shes annoying us,
i think the internet has proved itself to be festering with idiotic disputes about nothing at all,
not at all lacking a healthy supply of people to fuel them
6:40pmflip indeed.
6:40pmSuzyQ *finishes entire drink at once*
6:40pmBag HAHA
6:41pmBag I already know what I fuckign am

6:41pmJohn57 You misspelled "fucking"
6:41pmchiz not a speller
6:41pmBag you think Im going to be fucking shocked
6:41pmBag oh wow
6:41pmBag I mispelled

6:41pmJohn57 Such a tragedy
6:41pmBag well mister
6:41pmJohn57 Yes, mam?
6:41pmBag you mispelled mispelled
6:41pmmetaphorgasm Bravo, M.
6:41pmBag ::applaud::
6:41pmmetaphorgasm misspelled
6:41pmM. i have my moments
6:41pmBag look it up
6:41pmBag common mispelling

6:42pmmetaphorgasm there's two s
6:42pmJohn57 Nice catch, Bag.
6:42pmBag search it
6:42pmBag fuckign search it

6:42pmmetaphorgasm Mis + spelled
6:42pmBag you honestly think I care about mispellings
6:42pmMorgan Matthew okay :D
6:42pmJohn57 I thought we all did...
6:42pmflip bag.. I honestly believe that you are acting out on us for other things
that are going on in your life that may have NOTHING to do with us.
6:42pmM. oh no, its definetly us
6:42pmM. :P
6:42pmBag OH YES
6:43pmflip and believe it or not.. I'm trying to help you with what I see after reading your posts for 2 weeks now
6:43pmSuzyQ i love your hair colour, M.
6:43pmArt wait i didnt do anything
6:43pmM. thank you suzy :)
6:43pmM. its kinda faded now though :(
6:43pmBag Im fucking sure
6:43pmchiz She belongs with the chan crowd. I think i should restart the polling for the
"theist and intelligence" polling. We just lost some points.
6:43pmSuzyQ im kinda going for the same thing, though you cant tell in the pictures very well
6:43pmmetaphorgasm i could go on forever
6:43pmmetaphorgasm Mis+Spell
6:43pmBag go on forever
6:43pmBag please

6:43pmmetaphorgasm = two S
6:43pmM. it doesnt last very long
6:43pmBag if it could shut you up for the rest of time
6:44pmM. Miss Pell
6:44pmM. ;)
6:44pmmetaphorgasm lol
6:44pmMorgan Matthew Bag is now banned from chat for 4 hours
6:44pmmetaphorgasm ouch
6:44pmM. dang
6:44pmmetaphorgasm hahaha
6:44pmflip there is a concept..
6:44pmSuzyQ *sigh of relief*
6:44pmM. i do not wanna be near her right now
6:44pmflip OK we got that on log right?
6:44pmmetaphorgasm damn you morgan...
i was rather entertained by the "psychology" student
6:44pmM. is she?
6:44pmM. haha
6:44pmmetaphorgasm supposedly
6:45pmArt people study that?
6:45pmM. shit, if i turn into that too.. :s
6:45pmSuzyQ ive always been told the craziest people go into that
6:45pmM. oi
6:45pmJohn57 ?
6:45pmSuzyQ to diagnose themselves
6:45pmflip fact: psy students take the classes to try to figure out their own problems
6:45pmM. i'm studying sych
6:45pmSuzyQ lol
6:45pmM. **psych
6:45pmJohn57 Cool
6:45pmFrink what in the shit did I just walk into?
6:45pmM. though that is really kinda true
6:45pmM. into HELL
6:45pmflip bag had a blow out
6:45pmchiz I doubt she's a psychology student.
I'm wondering if she is really a highschool kid with a huge attention problem.
6:45pmM. haha, i wouldnt be surprised
6:46pm[flip] copies the log and saves to a text tile...
6:46pmM. for future reference ;)
6:46pmflip I think I've come up with my first blog entry

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Comment by Andrew the Fluffer on January 30, 2009 at 11:28am
That's sad.
Comment by Frink on January 30, 2009 at 12:05pm
Yeah, I don't see any reason to keep her around. This is just unacceptable.
Comment by Aric on January 31, 2009 at 10:00pm
How did I miss that?
Comment by Reggie on December 14, 2009 at 7:46pm


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