This article discusses research done that shows babies as young as 15 months old demonstrate knowledge of right and wrong, specifically when it comes to sharing. Now I doubt it's because their parents bring them to church or read the bible to them. I know from experience, what you teach a baby around the 1 year mark is walking and taking, image recognition, maybe coloring, stuff like that. I think this is a great issue to discuss with theists who constantly bring up morals in atheists. It's clear that morals come from family values, and now show that they are more or less instinct, like baby animals walking or hunting. 


Great article.

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Comment by Lewal on October 9, 2011 at 10:51am

Even chimps show signs of reciprocal altruism. And I'm coming up a little short on differences between chimps and 15 month olds so...

Comment by Nathaniel Summers on October 10, 2011 at 12:35am

Blank Slate psychology is proving more and more to simply be false. The way I see it, we come prepackaged with certain intuitions, some of which are moral intuitions. All knowledge is built upon from intuitions because things can only be known by comparison to other things.

This isn't a problem for Christians, however, as they believe that the law has been written into our hearts by god. It wouldn't even require that the person be raised in a Christian setting as the same law is written into every heart. They simply point to moral intuitions and say "see there, that confirms scripture."


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