so, another shooting in

the belly of the empire…


i wonder if Charlton Heston’s

withery old cock just

sprung to life?


i wonder if Ted Nugent &

Charlton Heston are sitting in

front of the television together

stroking each other’s hard hard

members with one hand,

whilst gripping their guns in the



i wonder if James Holmes grew up

in the same culture that

dwells in the belly of the beast,

the same culture that develops in the

belly of the empire like cancer spreading,

the same culture that worships

guns like it does money, like it does

“jesus,” like it does the violence that

it propels across the heads of all

who live outside its borders?




and the sound bite keeps pumping

like house bass in our ears

that it all happened at the premiere of the

new Batman movie---

as if it never could have happened on

opening night of “Madagascar 3,” or

“Ted,” or “Brave,” or “Ice Age:

Continental Drift”---as if Christian Bale &

Tom Hardy somehow instigated

a man to kill people in a public theater…


so was Batman playing on Sept. 5th, 1949, in

Camden, NJ?  was Batman playing on Aug.

6th, 1966, at the University of Texas in

Austin?  was Batman playing on Sept. 25th,

1982, in Wilkes-Barne, Pennsylvania? was

Batman playing July 18th, 1984?  how about

the 16th of October in 1991?  how about 4/20/99?

and 4/16/07? 3/10/09? 








yes, america, blame Aurora on

Christopher Nolan, just like you did

Marilyn Manson for

Eric & Dylan,

then walk away with your

NRA stickers &

your fist in the air

every time a drone kills another bunch of

people in Pakistan “accidentally.”








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