Audio Quran Adventures, Day 2 (Chapters 3-4)

  • Allah is great and all who disbelieve will be overcome and gathered into hell.
  • Allah is severe in punishment.
  • Men of learning are witness that Allah is the only god.
  • Allah is swift of reckoning.
  • You need to surrender to Allah.
  • Those who disbelieve, slay prophets or people who believe, promise them a painful doom.
  • Allah causes day and night, and raises the dead, and kills the living.
  • Let not believers take disbelievers as friends over believers. Who does that has no connection to Allah.
  • Allah is forgiving and merciful, but he doesn’t love disbelievers.
  • Those who follow Allah are above the disbelievers.
  • Those who disbelieve, Allah will chastise with heavy chastisement in this world and the next.
  • Allah still doesn’t love disbelievers.
  • Allah loveth those who ward off evil.
  • Some more painful doom.
  • Be slaves to Allah.
  • If you seek a religion other than the religion of Allah, you will be a loser in the hereafter.
  • Disbelievers who die as disbelievers face a painful doom with no chance of salvation.
  • Why don’t you believe in Allah, when Allah is proof that Allah exists?
  • Believers, don’t marry people of other beliefs.
  • Allah loves those who don’t harm others.
  • Allah is most excellent.
  • Don’t fear the devil and his minions. Fear Allah instead.
  • If you are sinful, Allah will make you more sinful until the end to receive your doom.
  • If you deny Allah’s messengers and miracles, you will be paid with death.
  • If you feel that one woman isn’t good enough, marry 3 or 4, or your slaves. If you can’t perform that many times, marry one.
  • Male children get twice the inheritance of a female child.
  • Be nice to orphans.
  • If a woman is guilty of lewdness, imprison her into her home until she dies. Allah is merciful.
  • Don’t take women of slain kinsmen.
  • Don’t marry women your father married.
  • Forbidden unto you are your mothers, daughters, sisters, father’s sisters, mother’s sisters, brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters, foster mothers, foster sisters, mothers in-law and stepdaughters who are under your protection (born of women you have gone into.) If you have not gone into them, all fair game.
  • All married women are forbidden to you, unless they are your slaves.
  • Whoso is not wealthy enough to marry 3 believing women, can marry some of their slaves.
  • Don’t covet other people’s abilities, and don’t envy.
  • Men are in charge of women, because Allah made one better than the other.
  • Good women are obedient.
  • Those who are rebellious banish them to a different bed and scourge them.
  • Allah doesn’t love proud and boastful people.
  • Disbelievers get a shameful doom.
  • Don’t go into prayer if you haven’t showered, or if you haven’t washed your hands after sex (rub dirt on your face instead).
  • Don’t go into prayer if you are drunk, or sick.
  • Those who disbelieve the revelations will be exposed to the fire, and their skins will be replaced when burned, for fresh torment.
  • Obey Allah, the messenger and those who are in authority.
  • The devil’s tactics are weaksauce.
  • Whatever good comes to you is from Allah, and whatever bad is your own fault.
  • Allah will restrain the might of those who disbelieve.
  • Allah is strong of might and of punishment.
  • When you are greeted with a greeting, reply with a better greeting, or an equal one.
  • Don’t be friends with disbelievers until they cast away their home for Allah. If they turn back in enmity, kill them wherever you find them.
  • If they offer you peace, and hold aloof from you, do them no harm.
  • If they don’t offer you their hand in peace, kill them.
  • IF you kill a believer by accident, release a believing slave, or pay the family. If you can’t do that, fast for two months instead.
  • Believers who just believe are not as good as the believers who strive for Allah with their lives and riches.
  • Disbelievers get shameful punishment from Allah.
  • Whoso opposed the messenger will be sent to hell.
  • If you believe, then disbelieve, then believe, then disbelieve, no forgiveness for you!
  • Don’t disbelieve to impress your pals.
  • Don’t sit with people who disbelieve and mock, until they change conversation.
  • Allah will gather hypocrites and disbelievers into hell.
  • Jesus was never killed, or crucified. Allah made it look like they did.
  • Because of the wrongdoing of the Jews, Allah forbade them good things.
  • Disbelieving Jews will get painful doom because they are greedy.
  • Lots of repeating from previous chapters.

To be continued...

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