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I don’t often hear from atheists who are politically/socially conservative. I know they’re out there, albeit probably much fewer than their more liberal counterparts. I’ve heard at least one atheist say that he’s a truck driver, voted for Bush twice, etc., and no one would guess that he’s an atheist. True, I wouldn’t have.

I’m a liberal myself, although it does disconcert me to a degree that I agree with conservatives on a few issues. (Affirmative action, for example. What’s up with that?!) There are many different kinds of conservatives out there– not all of them the bible-thumping, abstinence-only sex ed promoting, NASCAR-loving, Franklin Mint buying, Republican rednecks I’ve grown to know and loathe. Emphasis on the bible-thumping here.

My guess is that conservative atheists being more prominent would counter the dislike many religiosi have of atheists as elitist, ivory-tower, Ivy League eggheads, since conservatives, even when they’re Ivy educated, are rarely disparaged like that. I’m a little skeptical of the term “elitist.” In the case of Obama’s campaign, for example, “elitist” was simply a disparaging way of saying “smart and educated.” To quote Homer Simpson, “Phthth, eggheads, what do they know?”

Let me hear from you conservatives. Probably, you’re mostly libertarians, but maybe a lot of you are rednecks (and proud of it!), and I don’t mean that in a way that’s necessarily degrading. I’m a comedian and a huge fan of my colleague Jeff Foxworthy and his like. Point is, libertarian atheists are already prominent– but what about the latter: the social conservatives?

I found this site, The Atheist Conservative, which had little to say about atheism and was more a rant on Obama. It made relevant points, but its endorsement of Ann Coulter made me say, “Done!”

There are other sites for conservative atheists. The socially conservative ones had a negative stance on abortion, for example. I personally think abortion should be safe and legal, but the point is I’m particularly interested in the atheists who oppose it and similar platforms.

I want to hear from you, guys! Tell me about yourselves a little. I promise not to be a stereotypical latte-slurping, laptop-toting, Obama-hugging, Prius-driving, NPR-listening (uh, I’m not sure where to stop with this)– well, just write in and say hi.

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Comment by Jake Grey on January 21, 2010 at 1:11pm
I'm a mix of liberal, fiscally responsible, libertarian. I don't think any political group (liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat) can honestly claim being fiscally responsible. They both have their blank-check agenda (no budget for war, open costs for health care, both corporate welfare). If i have to choose, I'd lean toward a 'blank-check' for health care over a 'blank check' for wars and military spending.
Comment by Shine on January 21, 2010 at 5:26pm
Great topic, I'm really interested to hear the responses myself. I would classify myself as socially liberal and financially ignorant, so I really have nothing to add. I want to like some libertarian ideas that I read about, but I always find myself unable to let go of the ideas of public education and health care.
Comment by Silenus on January 21, 2010 at 6:25pm
I don't consider myself a "redneck"
but i do enjoy some of the redneck tags like
Nascar, shooting anything that moves, mudboggin, etc....
Comment by Brad on January 22, 2010 at 4:46pm
I'm not extremely political BUT, a good article that sort of articulates what I've been thinking for a long time, though not completely, is here:

Though I'm 'socially liberal' in the sense that I support the separation of church and state, and am pro 'gay rights', I lean right hardcore on gun rights and unobstructed business rights. I actually think those slogans like "You'll take my guns out of my cold, dead hands." and images like 'Race Card' with Jesse Jackson are hilarious.

I may HATE the general ignorance and outright fucking stupidity of rednecks but I find things to admire in everyone. I identify with their work ethics and take no shit attitude, and even like SELECT country music.

blah blah blah just bored. posting a quick 2 cents
Comment by Sarah Trachtenberg on January 26, 2010 at 4:00pm
@Shine, bravo for having the wit and honesty to call yourself "financially ignorant." I think I am, too, in the standard sense.
@Forrest-- you are just the sort I am talking about. Do you also like Jeff Foxworthy?
@AndyI-- when/for whom was the last time you voted, President or otherwise?
@Brad-- I read a great book called Playing the Race Card about skepticism and "crying wolf" about racism. I'd love to see a similar book about religious whiners who think they're getting oppressed, i.e. Christians who are upset that we're trying to keep creation "science" out of their schools...
Now I'm on a tangent. Thanks for writing, everyone!
Comment by Shine on January 26, 2010 at 8:31pm
Lol, I'm glad that you appreciated that, Sarah. I keep telling myself that someday I am going to take a couple economics/business classes and make an earnest effort to financially educate myself, but there are always much more interesting things to study it seems.
Comment by Sarah Trachtenberg on January 27, 2010 at 12:55pm
@Shine: I may be the only Jew who doesn't know about economics in the traditional sense, but I do know enough to realize that "buy low, sell high" can't really work bc if everyone did it, it, well, wouldn't work. I also know enough to ask intelligent (or so I hope) questions about supply and demand and such. OK, this is off-topic, but I'm just explaining to the economic conservatives that I'm not totally ignorant. For the record, I have read "A Random Walk Down Wall Street."


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