I'm a bit bored after finishing school (weird) and wanted to talk about something.

I am not sure how Gary Wells can state something so obvious ("It's up to you," Letters/Jan. 22) and receive so much flak. He is, if anything, too lenient on the Bible bashers, seeing them as only being too into themselves and being lax in seeing the harm they do. Dino Wenino's Jan. 27 letter nit picks Gary's "Lord" to pretty well say the same thing as Gary.

Being more interested in how atheists in general think, I waded through Steve Ford's Jan. 26 letter, "All Christians think they're true." Steve Ford actually has two or three things correct: (1) no man is perfect, (2) mainstream religion is about a form of control and (3) Jesus dying for man's sins is symbolic. So far, he gets it but slides badly as he blames religion for only being a business. Sure, it's a business of sorts, in a business world, and it's disgusting how usurpers gain from the religiously unresolved.

Steve Ford's list of culprits, starting with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, are suspiciously on my list which also includes the illicit Rev. Jesse Jackson and Jimmy Swaggart who both have been caught with their pants down (literally). Ford totally skips the core point of believing or not believing in a power greater than himself. We do not owe lazy critics anything. We owe ourselves. We are responsible to ourselves and the power that created us. Some like Billy Graham help us to a mental commitment but truly, many don't. Man, including members of the clergy, are not perfect.

As Steve Ford regularly tries, it is difficult to understand why atheists fight so hard "not to believe" and to belong to a empty-purposed club. What an interesting concept, to believe in nothingness, to have no purpose, and no accountability. Is there nothing to be morally, ethically or spiritually accountable for?

The point I conclude so far is that atheists' lives are too convenient, too easy, too responsibility-free and the possibility of a power greater than themselves scares the hell (pardon the expression) out of them. It is spiritual cowardness at its best, but like Gary Wells says, "It's up to you!"

Nonbelievers gamble there is no God, but think about it. If they are right, they lose to nothingness. If they are wrong, they still lose. Bad bet, wouldn't you say?

Call God, your creator, by any name you chose but don't blame weakness in man to support your wimpy, lazy conclusions.


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Comment by Gerald Scott on June 20, 2010 at 10:43pm
Curt, you are the reason I love being an atheist. All your silly notions about what atheist are and are not. Are you just thumping today or have you looked around this site. This is what you'll see if you would just take the time. Atheist love humor. We talk about our mothers, fathers, children and pets. Atheist love science and discuss it every day. Many atheist love to work in their gardens. Some like to have a beer and talk sports with friends. Some atheist even have jobs. Most atheist know more about biblical text than your local minister. There are hundreds of atheist clubs here. Is this the nothing you are talking about? Sorry, you're in the wrong place for the trash you're spewing. But, I still love you.
Comment by Michael R on June 21, 2010 at 11:57am
Atheists fight so hard not to believe? Were did this fallacy come from? I've never had to fight at all to "not believe". As a child I found it very interesting that all these people would believe in this stuff...why did they have to work so hard to believe this stuff? The answer was because it wasn't true.
Comment by Jeff Westerman on June 21, 2010 at 11:37pm
I may live life too lax and easy-going. Personally I like it better than having to worry about sins, baptisms, fighting the enemies of Allah...Or even worse, the followers of Ganesha (shudder). Yeah my life is what it is...mine. Thanks but no thanks to your "save your soul" Pascals Wager.


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