Atheists 2nd favorite time of the year...Election season!!!

Your T.V turns on, "Johnny Dipshit Snyder wants to increase your taxes, have some butt sexing with men, and spend more money on ABORTION CLINICS", the message sends a general shriek over the audience, because how dare Johnny Dipshit Snyder make us give him money so he can spend it on abortion clinics, how dare those baby killers steal money from us, where the fuck is that invisible hand of the free market jerking me off? The ad continues "Tanya Studebaker-Miller-Aurthur-Anderson made it her number one issue to shut down the State of (Your state hear)'s abortion doctors and cut taxes by .003 percent*. And she is a devoted christian who goes to church every sunday". Where would one begin with this. Every election the same misguided people, with misguided ambitions, and misguiding ads want us to believe the other person is some sort of fag loving individual who loves sexing it up the butt with same-sex partners, and they want to destroy our liberties, and worse yet, they want to raise taxes on good, hard working people (always hated this phrase) that dont have much. Most of us (Atheists) complain about the christmas season, which is 5 months away, but in the meantime, we get to deal with the christian/religious attack on our media and our politics. Most prospective politicians appeal to religion as their guidance, and thus push us atheists to the sides, essentially saying, "Critical, statistical, and logical thinking is of no use to us, We just want the religious people to eat this shit up and we can therefore relegate ourselves into a divinely inspired government, like the good old days of Europe". I find myself nearly throwing up every time a radio ad, t.v ad, or any ad for someones campaign comes on, and I have no choices between the incumbents. I honestly wish there were an IQ test for holding office, but that would piss every american off, since we really filter out mediocre candidates (seething sarcasm) with religion...So I hope in your district somewhere, there is a person who REALLY stands up and says, "No I do not believe in superstition, and imaginary people living in the sky", that, to me, would be the epitome of someone who deserves a political position since they can stand up for what they believe in, and what they believe in is something close to logic and critical thinking (adjust for human error). So yet again we will find these people in office, eventually, and they too will succumb to the "Typical Politician" make mistakes and then their opponent will rail against them in the next election, and the cycle begins all over again. So go vote for which christian you think is less christian than the rest, then go home grab a beer, and watch the (lack of) political fireworks...

* A general Tax bill regarding something completely irrelevent please vote for my conservative/god-loving values or I will commit genocide against all non-white, non-theist, non-religious gun hating fags, BOY DO I LOVE 'MERICA.

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Comment by willailla on July 31, 2010 at 3:56pm
"and the cycle begins all over again."

Jake, and they always tell us to vote, no matter what. Helen Keller said voting in America amounted to nothing more than a choice between Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, and she was deaf, dumb and blind.

In Mien Kampf, Hitler made fun of voters for their stupidity. He said all a politician has to do is tell them whatever they want to hear, then ignore them after he's elected. Four years later tell them the same bullshit all over again and they will reelect him.

Hemingway summed it up best in a satirical poem:

The age demanded shit,
and in the end the age
got what it demanded.
Comment by Jake W. Andrews on July 31, 2010 at 4:02pm
Well Willa, you are correct.

I do find it laughable that it really comes down to a few issues, taxes, spending, and abortion. THAT'S IT!!! That is what separates politicians in local campaigns. Well atleast I share the same cynicism as Hitler...........That may not get quoted well.


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