Atheist who plays keyboard for the church

Just found this resource on the web and felt compelled to post something. 

I have been an Atheist for about 2 years now which I must say is quite liberating.  The problem I have is being entrenched in the Church for over a decade and figuring out what to do about it.  Without getting into my entire life story, the crux of my issue is being deeply involved in the church for quite some time.  I had always been skeptical of religion, but dutifully went about it because I was raised going to church each week.  Being an Engineer I always questioned the bible and I finally made the time to educate myself and read some Richard Dawkins as well as others.  Currently I feel conflicted on what I should do.  I personally don't have a problem playing the music each week and letting the sermon go in one ear and out the other.  That is what sudoku is for.  :)  This is only complicated because the wife and I still enjoy the associations we have at the church.  I was wondering if any other Atheists are in the same situation as I find myself in and what advice you may have for me going forward?

I have told several friends at the church of my non belief / Atheism, and was quite pleased to find them understanding even curious about how I came to the decision.  I'm just not sure how that would fly if the church leadership knew my position.  I feel I can co-exist as an Atheist in the church, but wish there was an alternative social gathering of Atheist that was family oriented to take the kids to.  Instead of the kids going to Sunday School, they would go learn science or logical thinking etc...  Eventually I feel like I may have to break away from the church, but was wondering if other Atheists have stuck it out in the church for a long period of time due to associations and friendships.


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