Don't talk to me about sin, Adam and Eden -
not a sheep in your flock, I'm a motherfuckin' heathen.
I don't give a damn about which religion's older,
or in stats of kills and rapes which is the record holder,
or even which one has claims absurder and bolder -
cold is your rejection of me but my steel is colder.
Self defense my first calling, then comes self-improvement,
reality of flesh and blood and life's the most important -
at least until you prove to me there's heaven outside
the fame and honor granted by a loving people's mind;
to live on in tales of my brood's enough reward and pride.
The judgment of a madman in the clouds to save my hide?
No thanks, I can judge myself about what's wrong and right.
Pascal's wager you bring up: "convert or you'll fry" -
well, tell me, if you do believe, are you afraid to die?
'Cause I might ust serve you right, short-track to heaven, dude -
you decline the opportunity? That's blasphemous and rude!
Then talk to me about your god when you're down and bleedin':
not a meek Eurabian, I'm a motherfuckin' heathen.
Wotan is to me an idea, not a person:
our hope, the sacred Will Of The Aryan Nation.
I guess that would dismantle a theistic allegation,
but still it's just as much a serious obligation.
See, I'm not someone heartless and empty without faith -
stop fixing what's not broken, to save me is too late.
You thank god for everything, the food on your plate,
then turn around and on who grew it spew some noxious hate.
Teach the controversy, respectful debate?
If you deserved any respect, well, that would be great.
It's all three of your godly frauds, from the chosen tribe
to the herds that find it cool to have a preschool bride:
lies and terror in your wake, never good for goodness' sake,
scientists dead on the stake for a made-up fucking fake!
All three of you go to the hell you preach about -
the way to facts is not blind faith but enlightening doubt.
Without credibility you'd better cease yer bleatin',
'cuz I'm not to lose my mind as long as I'm breathin' -
blood and truth is all I need, the motherfuckin' heathen!


Free to share and even to record, modify, whatever... common property of the godless community. Props to Greydon Square and Baba Brinkman for giving me the idea :)

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