Despicable Timing

You can tell how well you are doing in giving your children the right sense of "Family" (capital F) when all the children shout in unison their reply when asked....................

Well let me explain.

We are all at the family farm this weekend and next week, eagerly awaiting birth of my sister's third baby (Nina is her midwife). My parents are gradually easing off running the family estate and handing over to my sister and hubby Geoff who left the army last year to learn to start running the business. My parents and sister's family all live there now. My sister already knows farm management having grown up with it and my bro-in-law comes from an english farming family and is a "jolly good egg" as they say, so its in good hands.

Sorry I digressed a bit........

So here we are with a dreadful dilemma, Tante Carol is about to produce sprog number three and in our family birth of babies is a big deal, trust me, and it happens that the children's favourite film is about to birth its first sequel, the risks could not be higher !

We are a family that does not have TVs in our homes. Visit our house and you will not find a drone's box anywhere, nor my parents freshly converted 15th barn, nor my sisters sprawling farmhouse - not one. But we do have movie nights once a week on friday or saturdays, via a projector and laptop or a visit to the movies. There is one movie above all that gets requested, and by the adults as much as the six children that make up our households, fourteen if you count close relatives and it has just been released here in the Netherlands. Back on the family notice board at home in Maastricht each day for the last few months Nicky has been careful crossing off the days on the calendar to release and tonight is the night we go to see it. The seats are booked, Pathe Rembrandt in Arnhem has been warned, Taxi's readied, snacks arranged, Thunderbirds are go !

So true to form this morning at five am my sister comes to our bedroom and wakes a grumpy Nina (Not a morning person). She is experiencing a few contractions. This is the one approach that instantly wakes Nina, all other approaches usually fail - kids jumping on the bed, the buzzing of my vibrator as i try to drop an obvious hint to her, the dogs licking her face demanding their walk, attaching a baby to her breast to nurse would all normally fail to stir her but tell her "I am having contractions" and she instantly wakes - "the midwife force is strong in this one, yesss !"

A quick check under my sister's hood, as it were, and Carol is warned off a visit to the cinema tonight as the time is approaching.

But now Oh-Oh, how to deal with the other expectants ?

At breakfast this morning the children are informed that Tante Carol will not be able to come with us, but we will all still be going. Then the big question,
"If her baby does start to come while we are out at the movie do just Mama Nina and Oom (Uncle) Geoff leave and go home or do we all go home right away ?"

It was a moment that made me so proud. They all shouted "Huis aan tante Carol !" (home to aunty Carol)

I really thought the long awaited Despicable Me 2 would win, but very happy it did not.

I really do hope we get to enjoy Despicable Me2 and that little one waits until tomorrow to make their appearance but babies come in their own time and as long as both mother and baby are safe and well little else matters. Be assured that Carol will birth at home, her new one will be seen into the world by its little brother, sister and cousins all of whom will go on to what over her/him as they grow up and be faithful playmates for years to come. I am equally sure that the Despicable Me movies will fill many of it's movie nights for years to come.

So here we are, an atheist household whose kids have, at home at least, had no exposure to "christian family values" and yet whose children have come through, able to make judgements based on values developed of themselves. If we continue to do our job as parents correctly they will continue to come to their own decisions for the right reasons, un tainted by the drivel of the bibble.

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Comment by Cecilia on July 21, 2013 at 12:46pm

I am sorry you do not have a TV - we are truly in another "golden age" and TV in terms of writing, acting, etc far surpasses movies these days.  I haven't been to a movie in ages because rarely find something that I am willing to shell out, what is it? $15...but there are many top notch television shows out there.  One example, "Top of the Lake" by New Zealand film maker Jane Campion (on the Sundance Channel), another "The Americans" on FX a Cold War drama set in Reagan's time.  I could go on.  One thing, however, being the mother of grown children I have no insight into the state of TV for young 'uns these days.

Comment by Unseen on July 21, 2013 at 1:15pm

If anyone likes crime dramas, The Killing is great. Both the Danish and American versions are beyond excellent. Very very little violence (it pretty much happens off-screen). It's driven by plot and character development, not gunfights or car chases.

Longmire may look like a Western, and it does take place in a small Western town, but it's very character driven crime series with only occasional gunplay. It's quite a bit like the popular Jesse Stone series. One big bonus for us nerds: Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame plays a big city cop transplanted to this small town sheriff's force.

And of course you have Mad Men, regarded by some as perhaps the best TV series ever.

Comment by Strega on July 21, 2013 at 1:25pm

I have to say I don't watch television either.  I watch documentaries on youtube and vimeo, along with various serials I like, such as Stephen Fry's QI. 

In the US (where I now live, moved from the UK in 2011) it seems that TV commercials are constantly telling viewers that they are inadequate, and need to buy xxxxx product to achieve their full potential, or litigate against xxxxx because accidents apparently don't happen, and you should blame someone and sue for damages.  I cannot help think that this sort of subliminal messaging causes anxiety, resentment, and a feeling of irresponsibility for one's own welfare.

You can obtain entertainment from TV, but most shows are also available on line.  What you cannot obtain, is real life experiences from sitting in front of an electronic broadcasting device - you need real life experiences to progress in the real world.

I think Judith and Nina's approach without the "idiot box" will stand their children in great stead as they grow up learning human interface skills that seem so badly lacking in the modern TV-nannied generations.

Comment by Cecilia on July 21, 2013 at 1:43pm

Yeah, commercials, I just ignore 'em because if I am feeling cheap I will put up with them rather than paying to watch online. Otherwise,  I will indeed buy episodes on Netflix or Amazon and watch online to avoid them.  I just watched Orphan Black, 1st season (BBC America, excellent mix or science fiction and detective fiction).  Started to watch it on demand for free but they played the same two commercials (one for a diabetes blood tester thing and one for a AAA-like auto assistance deal) over and over not just for each episode but for every episode!!  Even with my high tolerance for commercials I got sick of the same commercial and fast-forwarding, I gave up and just purchased the rest online.  So, Orphan Black, and, yes, as Unseen said The Killing, Mad Men, also, Game of Thrones, Homeland, a new FX show The Bridge (based as The Killing is on a Danish (or Swedish) show) is promising so far.  Yes, I do watch a lot of TV, always have.  I think it is part of my rebellious nature, you see, I am "from the 70s" when it was "a thing" to brag about not owning a television to prove your intellectual/progressive bona fides.  Always found it obnoxious. 

Comment by Pope Beanie on July 21, 2013 at 4:32pm

Hmm, the 70s. I don't remember anyone bragging about not having TV, but I remember people incessantly excited about all kinds of crap TV. (This was in Florida.) Meanwhile, imo the quality of some movies and some TV has increased dramatically. BBC has been great for a long time, and I wish we had it back in the 70s.

So when we had kids, we had no cable until they were in high school, and I now think even that was too soon. With just an antenna for news and PBS, and a lot of hand-picked videos, all costing less than cable. My kids became intelligent, worldly, tri-lingual, responsible, earning grants and scholarships, and picking and going to universities. I do hope they feel they can brag about not being raised on mainstream/pop/crap TV.

I recommend The Newsroom, a great show that rebels against mainstream crap. It sounds preachy at times; it "balances" (e.g.) FOX, but not as cynically as (e.g.) Olbermann on MSNBC used to be.

Comment by Pope Beanie on July 21, 2013 at 4:35pm

(Oh, and they're atheists, even though I didn't even tell them I was atheist until they told me they were.)

Comment by Unseen on July 21, 2013 at 6:46pm

I live in the States but I watch a lot of BBC (the serious stuff, not the humor). 

Strangely, while the History channel is putting out a lot of CRAP shows having almost nothing to do with History—other than that one might argue that anything that happens is history—in America it is the AMC channel, originally devoted to old classic movies, which is not putting out some of the best American TV with shows like Mad Men, The Killing, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad.

Comment by Nina van der Roos on July 21, 2013 at 7:00pm
Judith mijn liefde, heb je bedoelt om deze open te laten om te reageren? xx
Comment by Kairan Nierde on July 21, 2013 at 11:30pm

What a cute story!


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