When I first had my big de-conversion moment in November 2010, I began writing a journal full of thoughts I might share on a blog someday. One thing I wrote was a series of atheist parables. I found that explaining just why something didn't make sense, or why some part of Christianity was problematic, was much clearer if I put it into story form. You can make quite a bit of headway through metaphor and example. 

I'd like to share those stories here, if you guys are interested in reading them. My original plan was to start a Wordpress blog or something, but as that seems to be a lot more work to maintain than I'd originally thought, I'll begin by sharing them here.

One of the stories asks what would happen to "Doubting Thomas" if he had lived in modern-day Christianity instead of while Jesus was still here? Another examines if it makes sense to deny yourself in this life because of the hope of a future reward, and if "wanting to sin" is the only reason someone would reject that. My favorite of the bunch explains why I am a proud Patripresentist.

The first one I'll post is a story about grace, and whether or not the traditional evangelical narrative makes sense when they say we're saved from our sins. I can tell you now, writing these things down was an incredible experience. All my life I'd had doubts and questions, but I was able to push them aside, to ignore them. I could say, I don't know how this works but I know enough to believe in it anyway. Suddenly a few years ago I began working from the viewpoint, "What if it's not my fault? What if it's not just too big a mystery, or I'm just not smart enough to figure it out, or I'm just blinded by sin? What if what Christians are telling me really is wrong?" Once you've gone there, a million other questions become possible.

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Comment by Alex Andre' on August 10, 2013 at 11:28pm
I'd like read those stories. Btw, what's a patripresentist?
Comment by Physeter on August 11, 2013 at 6:23pm

Patripresentism is one heresy I'm proud to say I've belonged to all my life, even when I was a Christian child. I'll explain it in one of my stories.


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