Atheist Does Not Mean Skeptic/Freethinker

Besides my joys of being skeptical of religion, I get much pleasure in applying the same skepticism to politics. Both are fundamental sets of beliefs with herds trying to justify their side and win people over by using those beliefs. They both use fear of "the others" and try to make themselves superior in all ways. So, why would an atheist leave one set of beliefs and pick up another set from a political party? (One that promotes a sense of superiority of all other parties and can save the world through their party) Isn't that just a substitution for religion?

I thought we already determined that in groups people tend to lose rational thought and independence. I guess this is where atheists are just free from religion but not free in thought. I always assumed that being an atheist was being a freethinker. I was wrong. Too many people here promote their political party as if they really have the solution to our divided country with economic and debt problems.

Atheists that are aligned with political parties are quick to overlook the flaws, lies, and corruption in their own party (if not completely dismiss them outright). If you don't see any flaws in your political party, I am talking to you.

I know that many politically aligned atheists will try to defend their party by using one or two topics that they are passionate about and use that for their reasoning behind that party. However, that is how politics works. They try to create a dichotomy in every issue and try to align people with those positions. In reality, those positions never really belong to the party. It's just false dichotomies to lead the herds against "the others".

Consider the resent vote on the debt ceiling increase. In 2006, Obama and all Democrats were against a debt ceiling increase. Compare that with the latest debt ceiling increase where all Republicans were against it. It is striking that an issue can change sides so quickly. 

Those that think that the party of religion will always be the Republican right is strongly mistaken. If a strong Republican rival to Democrats was to promote science over religion, the Democrats would jump on the issue of religious freedoms and an attack on Christianity. That is not an impossibility for a Republican. For example: the Republican presidential contender Jon Huntsman is already warning the GOP not to become the anti-scie.... (Not an endorsement) Is this already the beginning of a shift? I don't know but it is worth watching the Republicans squirm to defend who is the better "pro-science" party.

So, to my fellow atheists, now that you have freed yourself from religion, do yourself a favor and free yourself from political parties. Study more on politics, psychology, and political history. We want to better our country and world but that is only possible if the people stop being herded around for the main political purpose of staying in power. We need more independents that are not a guaranteed vote for any party. We need a country that has a long term goal and a vision for our country. Our independence and freedom from being herded around is what makes politicians do what we want.

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Comment by Todd on September 11, 2011 at 1:15pm
Comment by Brady on September 11, 2011 at 2:38pm

@Todd great article

Comment by Andy on September 11, 2011 at 3:22pm
I completely agreed with you till you started talking about 'our country' a fellow freethinker, I encourage you to see the concept and conception of countries as being another mechanism of promoting false in group loyalty, out group hostility...
Comment by Brady on September 11, 2011 at 5:57pm

@Andy, I completely agree. As I was writing, I thought of that point. I considered bringing that up but I was beginning to get a little long winded. Which tends to happen when I get started on politics and religion.

Comment by Doug Reardon on September 11, 2011 at 6:02pm

Don't equate being vociferously against a particular political party as being for another one.  

Comment by Alejandro M on September 12, 2011 at 4:46am

Brady, I agree. As a libertarian, I don't think any of the main two parties support exactly what I support (maybe excepting Ron Paul - who won't get elected anyhow). In an ideal world I would support none of the two big parties.


But it's not an ideal world, and in this particular fork on the road we have to choose between US following the (decadent) path of Europe, dragging down the world with them (the Big Government way) or to have US lead the way again - not via force, let me be clear, but via being the economic powerhouse it has been since World War II (with the exceptions of Carter's and Obama's presidencies) - the Libertarian way. So I choose the latter. Ideally it would be with someone like Ron Paul or a moderate religious person like Romney. But if I had to choose between Perry and Obama, I would cover my nose and vote Perry. The only person I would vote "none of the above" for would be Bachmann (but she won't be elected either).


Moreover, I am pretty sure lots of independents share my thoughts. That's why the Republicans will win in 2012... 


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