Religion had been initiated in the primitive age, when humans began to unite in societies,to prevent anarchism.They laid down some rules and regulations to run the society in a systematic way.All the basic religions in the world speak of the way of life.Notion of supernatural power was involved with the confusion of the Laws Of Nature.It was assumed that everything was conducted by an invisible superpower.Solar system,rotation,revolution,causes of natural calamities, which were associated with their day to day life,were unknown to them.The sun,the moon,the stars appeared to them as gods.Rain,flood,eclipses,storm,earthquakes, volcanoes etc were thought as rewards and punishments of their virtues(good deeds)and sins(offences).So they introduced worshiping supernatural powers to please them.Religion was probably formed with these rules of the society together with the process of worshiping the supernatural powers.Later on this supernatural power was termed as the God or gods with different portfolios(like Greek and Vedic mythology).
This was inevitable and would be unobjectionable,of course, had it been changed and moderated with the advent and advancement of science.
Henceforth,the conflicts started.The preachers and traders of religion whose professions were associated with religion didn't agree to modify it and stuck-in-the-mud for their personal interest.Rulers also joined hand with them.
In course of time religion was divided and subdivided into a number of fractions in accordance with place,time,internal conflicts,introduction of new concepts,egoism,self interest and so on as we see in modern organizations now-a-days.
The word 'Religion' is considered as a positive term.It is recognized and admitted by all the Governments in the world.An atheist has to face a problem when he is to write his religion for many official purposes.Atheist is not accepted yet officially in most of the countries as it doesn't match with their records.
We are proud as atheists and no other term is as positive as atheist to us.We are rational beings and feel exalted for being free-thinkers.But theists,who are the majority till now,think reversely.Theists bear one kind of antipathy for the term atheist.Should we be satisfied with our own judgement?Isn't it necessary to associate with the theists(there are several categories) in order to promote rationalism and scientific attitude?
Under the circumstances,so far as the origin is concerned,religion is not totally dismissive.What is necessary,is to modify it in accordance with the progress of science.The rules of the society should be also modernized keeping congruity with national and international laws.But the concept of supernatural powers must be replaced by Laws Of Nature.
Why should we leave our possession of the term 'religion' solely to the theists?Being a part of it we should say,'Our religion is Atheism.'

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Comment by baddy on June 30, 2010 at 10:01am
I refuse to be a part of any religion, which is why I don't think you should claim atheism to be as such. To me, religion is a negative term. It confines and conforms us.
Comment by CreezRLC on June 30, 2010 at 10:22am
To say 'atheism is religion' is like 'not collecting stamp is a hobby'
Comment by Tulshidas Singha on June 30, 2010 at 10:35am
Thank you.Both of you commented well.BUT MORE ELABORATE COMMENTS ARE EXPECTED.
Comment by Renshia on June 30, 2010 at 1:41pm
I think to associate atheism as a religion is plain silly. The next thing needed would be a gospel of Darwin, Richard and Sam. Atheism is simply no belief in a god. I think it would be a very short church service unless your goal is to complicate things out of proportion.

If a religious community is needed to fulfill your basic communal needs then find something that has more depth to it than 4 simple words.
I also think it is a shame to bring in all the other baggage into a simple basic concept. Remember k.i.s.s. We need to keep reality and fanciful thinking separate.

I also recommend putting spaces after punctuation it makes following the post easier.
Comment by Galen on June 30, 2010 at 3:06pm
Atheism is not a religion at all. There are no tenets, no sacraments, nothing SACRED to atheist. It has one, and only one, defining trait: The lack of a belief in a god or gods. That's it. Nothing else is required to be an atheist.

In fact, the word "atheism" itself is not an assertion of anything, it's a disavowing of something. Just as "asexuality" is not a sexual orientation (it's the LACK of a sexual orientation), "amoral" is not a form of morality, but the LACK of morality, the same is true of "atheism." Atheism (the "a-" prefix meaning WITHOUT and "theism" meaning "belief in a god") is pretty much the opposite of a religion. It is the absence of religious belief.

You can't take a word that, by it's very definition and grammatical structure, means the ABSENCE of a thing and then claim that it means the very thing it's defining the absence of! That's just plain silly.
Comment by Tulshidas Singha on June 30, 2010 at 4:17pm
Take it for granted that religion is the way of life . Forget the conventional meaning for sometime. As I've mentioned it was in the earliest stage . Consider it as a doctrine without the presence of the God ,a set of principles to follow in social life .Similarly atheism has been described as a concept without God.
On the contrary theism is a belief with God.Without harping only on these two words you are requested to enrich me by giving a total criticism.Thank you all.
Comment by Dan on June 30, 2010 at 4:59pm
:Face palm:
Comment by Christopher McGuire on June 30, 2010 at 6:01pm
As an atheist, I believe I'll side with the rest of the group in my sentiment toward your "Our Religion is Atheism" statement. There is no reason to even entertain the notion that atheism IS what it professes NOT to be. To say atheism is a religion is to [Insert generic atheism statement here]. I also don't support your belief that religion is an inventive way of controlling the masses. I think of it as a struggle for power. More of a "I can't be wrong, because I'm closer to God than you are." It all just ego-stroking. The only thing religion is good for is population control. I don't wanna be lumped in with those fuckerheads (that's a good, Christian term, isn't it?).

@Nelson: Pancakes vs. Religion!!!

As you can see, pancakes are BETTER than religion! Good day, ladies and gents...
Comment by Renshia on June 30, 2010 at 6:34pm
But religion isn't a way of life. In fact it is a way of death. Is is a form of control that inserts itself into a persons life that tries to substitute itself for rational thinking.
Religion doesn't unify it separates. It creates arbitrary rules and sets those of different perspectives against each other. It does not benefit anyone, it does no good. All it does it give us an excuse to not think for ourselves and pass on the blame. It is for the week minded to follow blindly and to use as a control mechanism to subjugate others.

Tell us of one positive accomplishment of religion that could not have come about without it.


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