net neutrality


the so-called “land of the free” online


free exchange of ideas &

the ability to speak out against the wrongs of the empire &

the coalesced corporate whores that have lured you into the grasp

via social

like the Ghostbusters sucking the specters




into the trap---

for the scum on the hill want to make sure your hands are tied again,

yes, the scum on the hill want to make it so

whistleblowers & leakers

are not allowed to shed light on the so-called “democratic” nation

in which we, whose freedoms are yet to be curtailed even further,


here comes CISPA---

yes, with the  Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act,

the clamp will come down on our necks,

so that the CEO’s of companies like facefuck, twatter, etc.

will give up all your info to the empire’s lackeys

so that they can come & get you in the night

for exemplifying your dwindling freedom on the internet---

because of truth seeking men like Julian Assange & Bradley Manning,

as well as forces like Anonymous & Wikileaks, who in their struggle

have dealt some beautiful blows to the belly of the murderous beast,

we all are to now be scrutinized meticulously, viciously & with consequences

not unlike those of our brethren who are already incarcerated in this


whose prison population is growing bigger with every passing minute---

get your last licks in while you can

because paul cyber revere has been seen riding through chatrooms already,

he’s been hiding in blogs &

he is singing the tune of revolt

as the strangling hands of surveillance are coming to dominate us even more

in this “civilized” american empire---

using excuses like “the Russians & the Chinese are gonna get our intel!”

the old standbys are resurrected again,

because the scum on the hill don’t even respect us enough to come up with a fresh new


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