Arkansas legislative proposal to remove state's dual celebration of Lee & King

Little Rock, Ark. • Two Arkansas legislators said Wednesday it is inappropriate to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the leader of the Confederate Army on the same day and proposed ending the state's decades-old tradition of honoring Robert E. Lee.

Arkansas is one of just three states to jointly celebrate King, the black civil-rights leader, and Lee, the white Confederate general, on the third Monday of January. Some have labeled the practice incongruous, and most public celebrations center on King.

It is embarrassing that the state I live in celebrates these two individuals on the same day. Hopefully the proposed legislation will be passed without contention. Fat chance of that happening..... 

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Comment by Unseen on January 26, 2015 at 3:22am

Why do they celebrate Robt E Lee, anyway? Just to stick a finger in the eye of black people in Arkansas?

Comment by Ed on January 26, 2015 at 6:34pm

The racial animosity runs a little deeper than a "finger in the eye." Whenever the opportunity presents itself I ask anyone who believes it is still important to honor Mr. Lee whether they would actually be in favor of reverting back to the practice of enslaving black people. They'll usually hang their ignorant head, kick at the dirt, and then look up at me with an evil eye. I have no patience for such bullshit. 


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