(The following was inspired by Deepak Chopra's quackery-laden and hypocritically self-serving review of Richard Dawkins' book, The Magic of Reality. Enjoy).

I find myself saddened - yet also outraged - by Richard Dawkins’ latest written offering, an intellectually dishonest waste of paper titled The Magic of Reality. As you all know, I have written many substantive books concerning my personal revelation and enlightened understanding of the Quantum Nature of the Universe, of Consciousness and, ultimately, of God. In fact, my body of work so far constitutes a significant part of an overwhelmingly large ensemble of considered treatments, from many modern intellectual, theological and spiritual quarters, that irrefutably establishes the non-illusory existence of God. Hence, as a world-renowned best-selling author whose written works have helped countless fellow human beings better understand such Quantum Nature of our souls, of our spirituality and of our universal connection to everything, and thus providing a living framework of spiritual self-improvement for hundred of millions of you, I feel it incumbent upon me to offer a serious – yet thoughtful - critique of Dawkins’ latest sortie.

To put it bluntly, Dawkins, a dogmatic atheist and scientist of popular fame whom I strongly perceive to have the arrogance of thinking himself immune to critical challenge, demonstrates with his recent book to be clearly on an ominous and destructive mission to prove that all spirituality is the field of fools and knaves. Indeed, not only does Dawkins continue to ignore his myriad of intellectual and spiritual critics, such as myself, but he furthermore maintains a merry arrogance about his ignorance of all things spiritual. To this effect, I herein pronounce his dismissiveness of spirituality as a cowardly and underhanded cover for his own deep misunderstanding on such matters, as quite plainly revealed by his contention that nothing that we know emotionally or intuitively is valid.

Please, good and faithful reader – re-read the last sentence. How can Dawkins be more stupidly and blindly wrong about the validity of human emotions and human intuition? Deep down, you know the inherent reality and truth of said emotions and intuitions, of hunches and gut feelings, for it is such truthiness that has always wisely guided our decisions and life-choices since times immemorial. All of us human beings whom are in touch with their spirituality do know this irrefutable, fundamental, and brightly shining Truth.

In fact, every fibre of my own being know with crystal-clear certainty that my intuition not only has helped me to grasp and understand the Quantum Nature of human spirituality, but additionally it is that very same intuition that has allowed me, and keeps allowing me, to deeply understand the current state of Humanity’s scientific knowledge and what it truly means for the very real nature of spirituality and God. And all I need to do is to read the works of great scientists past and present to find validation for my intuitive understanding of scientific findings, regardless of the fact that I have no training in any scientific discipline. Indeed – it is this very intuitive understanding of Life and the Universe which enables my enlightenment regarding the Quantum Nature of the soul, of the spirit, of God. This is, again, a simple, yet so obvious, Truth.

Instead, the godless Dawkins would deny such Truth by pushing his shameless atheist propaganda disguised as helpful, even avuncular popular science. And what does he offer instead? Only science, through the materialist scientific method, tells us what's real. In actuality, my intuitive understanding is that science is severely limited by the axiom that it can only extrapolate data so that experience can be quantified and measured. Yet, Dawkins senselessly claims that anything science cannot prove falls into two categories: either it's false, or science will get around to it soon enough. Thus by his own written words, Dawkins ignores the basic fact that the scientific method is quite limited, in addition to conveniently forget that human experience will ever remain richer than any scientific model – if only because every single human being in touch with his own spirituality intuitively knows so. In other words, only personal revelation and enlightened, intuitive understanding allow us to perceive the spiritual nature of ourselves and the Universe at the Quantum level.

But not science. Never science. That is because the Mysteries of the Universe can only be explored and understood through spirituality – namely, emotions and intuition.
Yes, science can never even aspire to understand the spiritual Universe, let alone God. Science always corrects itself while never claiming any absolute truths - contrast this to the innate, understandable Truth and certainty one such as I, or you, can grasp through our inner spiritual voice! Hence, Dawkins' vision that only science tells us what is really true, and that no supernatural explanation can ever be true, not only seeks to extirpate any Magic, or Mystery, out of Reality, but is furthermore downright obnoxious. To this effect, throughout his book, he arrogantly uses a tone of absolute authority about matters that he shows complete ignorance of – including the very nature and conduct of science itself. Thus I say: behold Richard Dawkins, the “scientist”.

I have no doubt that Dawkins' glaring shortcomings will be pointed out by academics who know their philosophy and theology. Still, I find that it is truly a shame that he will in the meantime get away scot-free in the popular press. In this regards, I hereby announce that I fully intend to write yet another best-seller book to counter such incompetence and intellectual dishonesty on the part of Dawkins. For indeed, while his book tries to kill the legacy of faith in human culture, it instead winds up showing bad faith toward the science that Dawkins supposedly reveres. Believe me when I say that my intuition tells me that this is indeed the case – sadly for the dogmatic atheist Dawkins.

Thus once again the undeniable truthiness is verified: scientists will never fully understand Reality because of the limitations of the materialist scientific method, in addition to never truly knowing what they are talking about, or let alone being able to understand with their closed, non-spiritual minds, what it is they are trying to actually understand. Science and the scientific method must be reined in, or at the very least put back in its very limited role in the progress of human technology and medicine, for only the spiritually enlightened can truly, intuitively understand the nature of Reality, of the Universe, of Ourselves, of God.

Never forget this, dear faithful reader. And remain ever wary of deceivers, charlatans, mountebanks, swindlers and quacks, such as Richard Dawkins and his ilk, who would deny you the very rewarding opportunity – for you and me - to explore our inner selves in order to touch God at the Quantum Spiritual Level.

Always be spiritual, and thus be blissful.

(Originally posted at Another Point of View)


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