Before we look at bible contradictions we first have to address the issues of bible inerrancy and apologetics.

First inerrancy; there are two main views when addressing the accuracy of the bible. One group of Christians believe that the bible is divinely inspired by God and its message has been molded and shaped by God's guiding hand, so to speak. This group claims that the Holy Bible is inerrant. That it is God's word, and God's word is perfect.

The second group of Christians are more knowledgeable of bible history and are very open about the fact that the bible is a collection of stories that were written by man and have been assembled in many different forms with many deletions and additions and corruptions in the original scriptures . They understand that the bible has gone through numerous reforms many times through out history. They openly admit that the bible is not to be taken literally. Instead their faith is based on a rather cherry picked view of certain scriptures that makes for a rather interesting myth they choose to believe in.

Our first group of Christians believe the word of God is perfect and the Holy Bible in what ever its' present form is, inerrant and should be taken literally. This is truly a faith based view. For this group of Christians the bible is a perplexing problem with all its glaring scriptures that are full of contradictions. For them the art of apologetics has become their savior. Although as one reads or listens to apologist's answers and explanations for these many biblical problems. You get the sense that they are trying to convince you the sky is pink rather than blue.

It is amazing the lengths apologists will go to, to try and explain (spin) away these obvious contradictions in the scriptures. Of course they fail on most explanations because so many of their answers depend on circular reasoning and of course, blind faith.

Still the biggest flaw in apologetic thinking is that if God is omnipotent and perfect and he guided and inspired every word in the bible, then it would be perfect. No glaring contradictions would exist to be questioned. No petty personality traits would exist. It would have a completely acurate knowledge of the cosmos, evolution, and archeology instead of ancient mythical tales. Unfortunately for the apologists and this sect of Christians, this obvious flaw blows away all their efforts to explain away biblical errors. If the bible were perfect there simply would be no need for apologist's.

Again just to make it clear. If the Christian God was real and the bible was the one true word of God then it would be perfect. No confusing contradictions and mythical tales would be found in it. It would be perfect in its' answers and they would agree perfectly with what science has discovered about our natural world and the universe. Unfortunately for Christians the bible is so full of errors, ignorance, contradictions and absolutely full of stories promoting hideous acts by a jealous, genocidal, murdering, maniacal, monster god, that promoted war, slavery, sexism, racism, homophobia, rape, human sacrifice, animal sacrifice and torture. The Holy Bible is anything but perfect, and it is glaringly obvious to anyone with an open mind, who has taken the time to actually read and study it.

Thankfully there is not one shred of objective evidence that this god or any of the other 3000 major gods man has created ever really existed. Unfortunately history shows religions have directed their followers into having committed all these atrocities against humanity in the name of many different mythical gods. That makes many religions very dangerous in a our nuclear age.

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Comment by Apple on July 8, 2010 at 9:48am
Very good article. I like how you break apart the two major ways christians tend to take the bible. Yes, the literalist view is most definitely the less educated, more fatih based view. The second view is, though, perhaps even funnier because it eliminates the need for faith and for the bible completely. If one is able to pick and choose which parts are literal and which aren't, what applies to us today and what doesn't, then why pull anything from the book? Clearly they the method in which they do the cherry picking is their moality, and there is no need to pretend that it comes from an ancient collection of stories.

One small thing I must pick at is that if the christian god was real (bear with me) it wouldn't necessairly mean that everything in the bible would line up perfectly with modern science. We would surely expect it to line up better than it does, but we fully admit that our science isn't perfect. If in fact we were somehow given a perfect source of knowledge then we would expect it to blow away everything we have discovered, not just match up with our current limited understanding. What we see in the bible is the opposite though. We see a primitive understanding of reality. This understanding somehow lines up very well with a 2000 year old culture... what a coincidence.


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