Apologia Brachycera: Scavenger Plagiarist

Apologia Brachycera: Scavenger Plagiarist
Today I note my commonality with flies –

a multitude.

Moments of mortality
{morality} defined
by hunger:
whether one
or a swarm:

Legion –
not indeterminate:
{undifferentiated} –

this generation
or the next –
or trapped in amber –

fruitful {and

All the same,
{always the same}
: same hum,
same wings, same
multifaceted eyes –


Ba‘al Zebûb
Lord of the High Place
Lord of the Flies

Oh God, yes, I know:
you want the easy image –
garbage heaps and alleys,
another half-consumed cadaver.

Noisome contexts,
constant nuisances –
my buzzing in your ears,
manure and malaria.

Now is not your turn.

Have you not noticed
the color of my wings?
Spilt gasoline on hot asphalt,
the stuff of nebulae
keeps me buoyant
{if not celestial}.

Musca domestica:
I am {I was
the closest you ever had
to a guardian angel}.

[I walk on vertical planes,
only take in liquid foods.
I have fast evasion-reactions
to ensure my survival.

In 2008
it was discovered
that I anticipate
the approach of threats,
calculate the angle of attack,
alter my stance – ready to make
the most appropriate getaway.

This evasive action,
which allows me to jump
in the opposite direction,
takes place
within 200 milliseconds.]

But the most impressive
of my adaptions
is my scavenger

I survive,
on what you
throw away.

My resources
are unlike your own:
yours are exhausted –
mine are unleashed.

All due apologies to those who loved Musca domestica before I even knew its name.

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Comment by Shine on December 4, 2009 at 3:23pm
I really like this piece, especially the image of the common housefly as a guardian angel. Fantastical illusions of personal seraphs offer empty visions of heaven; true beauty exists in the shining rainbow of the fly's wings, waiting to be discovered.
Comment by Richard Paez on December 4, 2009 at 3:28pm
Thank you for the very nice words, Shine -- and especially for understanding my reasons for posting it here :)


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