Anyone want to join my new religion? It's the first two books as a sample. Comparable to Christianity or any other religion of you ask me.

The Holy Davidic Covenant for Davenism

Book Of Geladrin 1:1
1Oh Holy creature Geladrin. Atone us with your Holiness. 2Yes, this is what the Holy must do on the day of Segedrum, 3Segedrum the time of of the 3rd Apexed Time Transreformation. 4These souls before me, are sacred and holy. 5Yay, we exclaim to your Holiness oh Tough that Lay on the Mountain of Holy. 6“Yes here now beneath me, You are sacred and holy. 7But do not taint yourself by worshiping only I, Geladrin Son of the Holy Chancellor of Intellect. 8See now that Grand Specular Belkar The Holiest Child of the 1st Generation and Grand Founder of the 2nd Apexed Time of Transreformation is too holy. 9 Those not fools and believers of the Holy covenant between Highest Holy Lord Grand Belzetharius, will praise Holy to the most holiest beings.10We praise Holy we do! 11 Seeith that Lord Fregorion Founder of the 1nd Apexed Time of Transreformation too watches over your souls. 12 He too must be done his Holy praise.13 Holy Praise be Done!
Book Of Geladrin 1:2
1 If one does not praise Holy, he will fall dark and corrupt.2 Those who are dark come the Holiest day of Holy Judgment of the Holy and Sacred3 Will be judged by Magistrate Carthelonus 7th Holy Judge of the Holiest4 on the day of Holy judgment, a dark soul will be dealt Holy retribution and cast to the Unholy Temple of Fendraglon the Unholiest of all Souls5 See now young worshiper, you must bathe in Holy riches.6 When one bathes in Holy riches 7 Praise Holy We Do ! 8 Seeith now that the meeting on the day of Unholy Detriments and Arbitration is Holy. 9 Bathe now son, bathe in Holy riches. This will keepeth you safe now son. Bathe And Praise Holy! 10 Praise Holy We Do! 11 may judgment be rained upon all unholy beings on this day of Holiness 12 may judgment reacheth every corner of Geladrin’s universe 13 and may judgment reacheth the depth of all our souls 13 Praise Holy child! For the day of judgment is one in perpetuation 14 Praise Holy We Do! 15 May Geladrin’s Holy and righteous judgment pass over you16 one must praise Holy! 15 Avoid the darkest unholiness by praising Holy with ceasing 16 Holy we praise we do! 17 Yes my child, now praise Holy amongst all the star children 18 may star children showereth you with Holiness 19 for the star children of planet Zephron may procreate Holy so Holy may reach all corners of Geladrin’s universe

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Comment by Diane on January 20, 2013 at 9:33am

Sign me up, or at least put one of those lines on a t-shirt.  I'd wear it.


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