Anti-gay Christians just want to preserve their religious freedoms?

Thousands of conservative Christian rallied in NC for a ban of gay marriage.


Carrying Christian and American flags, over 3500 Christians gathered in the streets of the capitol of NC. Why? So they could show the world just how many ignorant fools there are in the state of North Carolina.


The article from The News Times quotes Billy Brooks, a member of the NC family policy council, as saying, "We're here today to preserve our right to religious freedom and our sincere belief that anything other than marriage shared between a man and a woman goes against God's design for creation." The entire sentence is an oxymoron. It's as if he's saying that only Christians deserve the right to religious freedom. I also would like this guy to explain to me how his religious freedoms are violated when a man marries a man. If anything, we could say that gay people are having their religious freedoms violated when they are not allowed to marry.


Riddle me this Mr. Bill, if there was a "Christian" designer then why the hell did he make gay animals in the first place. 


Bill Brooks also says, "We're here today to protect families and make sure every child retains the right to have both a mother and a father." What are you trying to say here, Bill? Are you trying to tell me that children raised by gay parents are some how deprived of something? What is that something? What about single parent families? Are you trying to tell me that a child's rights are violated when (s)he does not have both a male and female parent? Personally, my sperm donor died a few months before I was even born. I did not have a father figure for the first 3 years of my life and IN NO WAY do I feel that my rights were violated. least some of the religious have a head on their shoulders...


"When we try to legislate one interpretation of Scripture, we undermine democracy and we are in danger of turning our state into a church," said the Rev. Stephen Shoemaker of Myers Park Baptist Church.

"Jesus was a compassionate person, and he would not have a rally outside right now," said Rep. Marcus Brandon, D-Guilford, the second openly gay lawmaker elected in North Carolina history, speaking at the news conference.

[for some reason, when my blog was approved the final quotes were no longer there. I've edited to put them back]

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Comment by Arcus on May 17, 2011 at 8:01pm

There should be a ban on religious weddings, FSM demands as much, and he spoke to me through an oven baked lasagna dish today.

Really sorry for the nonsense, but apparently logical arguments seem to be inefficient against such complete and utter despicable idiocy. I presume Rep-D Brandon is an "openly gay religious lawmaker" - talk about a (oxy)moron. :-)


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