Anti-Atheist Insanity, Courtesy of Conservapedia

A front page "news" article:


"Why do Americans still dislike atheists?" [3] Answers the lamestream media won't admit: atheists are less charitable, atheists censor Christianity (such as classroom prayer), and there is a high correlation between young mass murderers and atheism.

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Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on May 1, 2011 at 6:37pm

Dude.. the largest charity organization in the world is secular. 

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

How the fuck does one go about censoring prayer? It's in your freaking head! That's the problem. You aren't really talking to anyone! It's imaginary. You can't censor the imagination. All you can do is ask that no one force the crazy your direction. I don't give a crap if someone else 'prays' or not. As long as it isn't shoved down my throat or paid for on my tax dime. Bet these Christians wouldn't be so excited about having prayer in school if the Muslim kids were allowed to pray their way. This isn't about censorship in the least. 

Oh, the murderer thing. My favorite. 

Let's say I actually pretend to acknowledge this blatant yellow journalism and hyperbole nonsense. I'm going to play the devil's advocate for two seconds and embrace the fantasy that there is any correlation whatsoever between atheism and violence. (And I say that because if you look at current prison demography, it's your peaceful Christians that make up the VAST majority of the prison population, with atheists making up less than 1% Now criminal behavior and violence? Yeah. We DO have correlations for that. Ahem.) 

So let's pretend atheists going postal really was becoming a trend. 

So what? 

How many mass-murders cite their 'Christianity' as a reason for killing the shit out of some folks?

Well, we can start with the big ones like old Timmy McVeigh. Hell, we could really go crazy and date back to the Crusades or witch hunts. But let's not make this too easy. 

So how about the run of the mill mass murderer? Well, the Christians have everything from pipe-bombing abortion clinics to the KKK in their camp. Ouch. What about the normal cultists like Waco (Thank you, Texas) Jamestown (isn't that where we get the 'Kook-Aid' phrase?) and beyond? Face it. Even if there WAS a startling trend linking atheism to mass murder, Christianity still wins. By a lot. Since the religion was founded. Which is funny because there have been people not believing that bullshit FOREVER a whole lot longer than 2,000 years. We have always existed. And of course since the religious lot have come into power, we've been hunted and murdered as heretics, we've been interrogated and tortured, and even though our very existence is considered punishable by death in a surprising number of countries, if we are JUST now starting to express ourselves through violence, you might want to pause... take a look in the mirror. 

So let us continue to imagine that these murders were on the rise, and perhaps even some of them are actually related to the perpetrator being atheist. (Because if you think about it, pretty much ALL mass murderers in America are theist. Does that mean their religion is relevant to the murders? Yeah...still not helping your own case there, Christianity...I'm just saying....) 

So even if atheists were flying planes into buildings, that doesn't really help out the Christian cause. Even if it were a trend that was on the rise, you silly believers are killing people every day over your religion. 

From child-murdering-witch hunts in Africa to the war in the Middle East, we couldn't hope to equal your destruction even if we tried. 



Comment by Caesar MacEntire on May 1, 2011 at 10:07pm
With all the BS that religious fundamentalists spread, if there was a god I don't think he/she would let them enter an eternal paradise...
Comment by eugene on May 24, 2011 at 3:45pm
If America with their freedom is anti-atheist then consider the most religious and closed continent on earth, AFRICA! Just imagine being an atheist on the continent. You are seen as the SATAN himself. You dare not exhibit that tendency let alone openly claim to be one. I have known l'm atheist several decades ago but have found no one to share my thoughts with. I felt elated ,then, when a stumbled on THINK ATHEIST while browsing the web. I now feel a sense of belonging. Thank you all for providing the platform for me to share my views.


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